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Joist Mount Pull Up Bar
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

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Joist Mount Pull Up Bar with 21 inch Parallel Grip Spacing
The Joist Mount Pull Up Bar from Ultimate Body Press is the bar to own if you have exposed ceiling beams in your home. The pull up bar is the core of every home gym and your best results happen fast with a permanently fixed bar that is always ready to go.

The Confidence of a Rigid Mount Bar
Through-bolted to the structure of your home, the Joist Mount Pull Up Bar is the final word in stability and makes pull ups be the challenge you can pursue without limits. Overhead mounting gives you full range of motion and preserves the flexibility of your floor space. Do wide grip pull-ups, chin-ups, neutral grip pull-ups, hanging knees raises and more.

Designed for your Workouts
The Ultimate Body Press Joist Mount Pull Up bar is engineered for workout flexibility. Multiple grip positions let you isolate specific muscle groups for strength training and the high density foam grips are comfortable over longer workouts. The parallel grips are spaced 21" apart to target the upper lats and are a great fit for a broad range of shoulder widths. When it's time to expand your workouts with Ultimate Body Press Ab Straps, Gymnastics Rings, and Push Up Rings, the joist mount bar becomes the perfect anchor point and cornerstone of your complete home bodyweight gym.

The Joist Mount Pull Up Bar Includes
  • 42" Pull-up bar with parallel grips, mounting hardware, and installation instructions
  • Padded foam grips
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Gun-metal gray, powder coated finish
Parallel Grip Spacing: 21 Inch
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 3 inches
Instruction Manual Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar Instruction Manual.pdf

Start your home bodyweight gym the right way with a mounted pull up bar. The mounted bar is ready to go any time of day for even the briefest workouts so you can always build on your momentum and progress.

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Product Reviews for Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5bruce thompsonMay 30, 2014A robust and well designed pull up bar. Very happy with item.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5EricAugust 20, 2013Installed it in my apartment on the I-beam using 6 in. bolts. Took a while to drill through the I-beam but now this pull up bar is sturdy as it gets. The pull up bar itself is excellent quality!
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5ClintFebruary 20, 2013Great pull up bar
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5Jim KackleyJanuary 10, 2013This pull up bar is working great. We bought it for a Boy Scout merit badge activity and it is working very well. Screwed into the support beam in our basement seems to be a great way to install it. Compared to putting a unit in a door-frame this is much better.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5Adam DippelJanuary 3, 2013Mounted easy, shipped in correct timeframe, and is sturdy as it should be. Well done.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5Paul ChiaviniDecember 13, 2012I just mounted this bar. It was easy to install. While I'm a normal sized person, my only issue is that wide-grip span is a little too wide for me. The grips are nice and I would buy it again.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5DouglasOctober 27, 2012Easy install. Sturdy, well constructed! Pleased with decision to buy.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5maxmarginSeptember 16, 2012Good product.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5LtCol RSeptember 6, 2012What a difference in my workout routine -- most bang for the buck I've ever spent on equipment -- very easy to mount and so attractive, it invites you to jump up and pop off a few.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5SeanMay 29, 2012Very sturdy, great price, and easy to mount. No complaints.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5JeffMay 14, 2012Easy to assemble and easy to mount. Very sturdy and allows for a lot of variation in work outs with three different grip points. Highly recommended. A perfect fit in my basement with the exposed ceiling joists.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5JR in ILMay 11, 2012The bar exceded my expectations. Solid as a rock and I am 6'4" and 200 lbs. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar4AnnMarch 15, 2012The bar is sturdy, and my husband mounted it to the joist with no trouble. I felt the price plus shipping was a little high.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5Sundeep EkboteDecember 25, 2011Well-built product! Perfectly sturdy. I highly recommend this product.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5NeighboreDecember 6, 2011Great product and exactly what I desired in a pull-up bar. Easy to assemble with the included tools. Installation is easy for anybody with a cordless drill. You will need a drill bit and a socket set or wrench. I've been using the bar for a couple of months now and have had no real issues. The padding has compressed where I typically place my hands but that's not an issue for me. I did get calluses on my palms but I started using work-out gloves and they went away.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5PhilipOctober 15, 2011Well designed and well built. Exceeded my expectations - would recommend to anyone.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5dennisOctober 6, 2011easy to install and a great product
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar4Jeffrey PierceSeptember 4, 2011This pull-up bar works well with the P90X workouts. I would recommend it!
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5Randy, OhioMay 27, 2011Affordable, solid, stable....ideally suited for it's intended purpose. I'm making progress with upper body strength while training for ultra marathons. My middle school daughter prompted the purchase to help her pass a "Marine" fitness test next year.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5Scott MayMay 6, 2011Great item. Good quality and came as advertised. Many reviews I read on like bars stated that the bolts and other parts didn't fit. These were perfect. Shipping was quick and customer service was perfect. Will purchase other items from Ultimate Body Press in the future.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5AricApril 22, 2011This pull up bar was fairly easy to mount and has worked flawlessly. The pull up bar is very solid and sturdy. The handle grips are very comfortable and are spaced wide enough to provide more variety in hand positions than other pull up bars that I have used in the past. Overall very good product for the price. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar5W. Ray BellMarch 30, 2011This is just the bar that I needed for my P90X work out... I work out in my shop where the joist are exposed.. it has all the grip positions needed.. this is a great compliment to the dip bar by this same company.. great quality and value! It was very easy to assemble and install.
Joist Mount Pull Up Bar4CynthiaNovember 30, -0001First off , love the excellent customer service of this company.This pull up bar is solid ,sturdy and the foam grips offer comfort . My only complaint is that the nuetral grip bars are way too far apart for my frame ( I am 5'6" ) and it is also too wide(26 in!) for my Husband who is broad shouldered and 5'10"". If I could do over the purchase I would go with the wall mount bar which has a more narrow stance (16 in). the bar is great

Question: I have a joist that is 10 inches thick. Will this pull up bar fit on my joist with the given parts list?
Answer: The pull up bar itself will fit, but the hardware includes machine bolts designed for a standard 2 inch thick joist. You will need to purchase 4 lag screws of at least 3 inches in length. We also recommend a bolt driver attachment for a power drill to driver the screws.

Question: hi, do you ship the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar to Adelaide, South Australia, postcode 5073). If yes what would be the cost? thanks Roger
Answer: This product is not available in Australia at this time.

Question: What's the max weight this product can support?
Answer: If properly install, the joist mounted pull up bar can support up to 350 lbs

Question: Hi. I have a metal joist in my garage with a 30" wide piece of wood bolted to it. Do you think the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar can attach to the wood with the included hardware? Do the mounting bolts have to go completely through the wood which might not work for me since the metal joist is on the other side? Could you possibly email me the directions for mounting it so I can see if it will work with my set up? Thanks.
Answer: The hardware included with the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar will not work for your application. You will need wood bolts. You will need to purchase 4 lag screws of at least 3 inches in length. We also recommend a bolt driver attachment for a power drill to driver the screws.

Question: How long are the joist mounting bars. My gargae ceiling is drywalled and I can cut it to get the the joists but Im not sure how much space I will have left for head clearance. Do you offer a 12" extension bracket.
Answer: The brackets are 15 inches long. We do not have an extension bracket at this time.

Question: I have engineered "I-joists" instead of solid lumbar. They consist of something like two laminated veneer flanges with plywood web in between. Can this be mounted to engineered joists?
Answer: It is unclear to us if the joist mounted pull up bar will work for your application. If you purchase it and it does not work you can send it back for a full refund.

Question: I have a steel I-Beam in my basement that would be a great place to do pull-ups. Do you have a product for steel I-Beams?
Answer: We do not have a pull up bar designed for I beams. Thank you for your comment.

Question: When the joist mounted pull up bar is installed properly, what is the distance between the bottom of the joist and the bar?
Answer: 12 inches

Question: can you please provide specifics (length, diameter, threading, etc.) on the hardware that you provide with a NEW joist mounted pull up bar (JMP)? i got a used one from a friend, but he did not have any of the hardware to give me. thank you so much!
Answer: We have replacements. Please email us your request using the "Contact us" page. We will estimate the shipping and send you a paypal invoice.

Question: is the width of the pull up bar adjustable?
Answer: The width is not adjustable.

Question: is the width of the pull up bar adjustable where it is supposed to be fastened?
Answer: The width is not adjustable.

Question: How much would shipping be to Atlanta, GA 30043 for the joist mount pull up bar?
Answer: 14.99

Question: My basement has I-joist (enginered joists that are in the shape of an I-beam or the capital i) Will this work mounting to these? May have to attach some wood to the joist so it is flush, but is it going to be safe hanging from pressed wood instead of lumber?
Answer: The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar is designed to be mounted to a solid wood beam or joist. We do not recommend any other installation method. It is the users responsibility to choose a secure location and properly install the pullup bar. If you are not happy with the pull up bar you can send it back for a full refund.

Question: How much is the anchor pins that you have to buy separt for mounting on a cement wall?
Answer: Yes the pull up bar comes with hardware for wood and will not work for concrete.

Question: I have two installation questions concerning the Joist Mounted Pull-up Bar. I have an exposed wood beam that is 9" H x 6" W, and I notice that the mounting plate area of the pull-up bar is 12"H. 1) Will the 9"H of my exposed beam accomodate all of the mounting holes on the 12"H mounting plate? 2) With regard to the mounting screws, do you recommend using 4" wood lag screws, or 7" machine screws inserted entirely through the beam and fastened with a nut?
Answer: The mounting plate is actually 15 inches long. Your beam should work. The joist bar comes with machine screws. I would recommend you purchase wood lag screws as you described.

Question: what if my joists are only 1 1/2 inches in width? will i be able to mount it properly OR will have have to add a 1/2 of wood?
Answer: You will be able to mount the pull up bar to 1 1/2 in wood.

Question: What is the standard shipping rate to Illinois for this product?
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply". You only have to enter your country and postal code. You will not be asked to enter payment information or even your email address. If you have any more questions about shipping rates please email us using our "Contact us" page.

Question: I have a second story above my garage, and didn't realize that there were no joists until I cut a hole into the ceiling today. I'm now presented with a dilemma in figuring out how to modify the product to work on a floor truss instead of a joist. The exact framing I have in my garage is the same as this picture: .
Answer: You need to attach some extension bars to you joist.

Question: Does anyone know the diameter of the actual chin up bar? Most others that appear to be well made state that the bar diameter is 1 1/4". Also is the bar solid or hollow? This information would be helpful in my purchase choice. Thank you!
Answer: This bar is 1 1/4 diameter. It is hollow but it has a heavy wall thickness and it is extremely durable.

Question: Is it possible to purchase your joist mounted pull up bar (JMP)? Back-ordered until April 1, no way to add to shopping cart and placed on hold for 10 minutes and finally gave up. Sure not making it easy!
Answer: The item will not be available for purchase until April 1.

Question: Please contact me when product becomes available.
Answer: This will be available on April 1.

Question: where is this product made? china? US or Canada?
Answer: China

Question: Would this be ideal for a joist 11 inches tall by 6 inches thick where the top of the joist meets an 8 foot ceiling? Could I mount it closer to the ceiling?
Answer: This would work however you would need to purchase lag bolts separately. This pull up bar comes with carriage bolts.

Question: can you post to the UK? how much would it cost?
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply".

Question: can the JMP be attached to a overhanging concrete wall? if so what bolts would i need? also what are the dimensions and weight of the JMP when packaged up?
Answer: The JMP could be mounted to concrete. You would have to purchase masonry anchors separately. shipping specs are 20x20x3

Question: hey there would you be able to ship this product to New Zealand?
Answer: The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar will be available fro delivery to New Zealand on August 1.

Question: Can the joist mounted pull up bar be mounted on a manufactured joist? My joist boards run horizontal and all the pictures of it mounted show it in vertial joists. If this does not make sense, take a look at this link, This is the type of joist I have.
Answer: For this joist setup we would recommend the Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar.

Question: how much is the cost of.shipping to wisconsin
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply".

Question: What is the outside diameter of the pull up bar (ignoring the foam padding)? How thick is the foam padding? I want to do dead hangs using Haulin Hook Onlys gloves ( and need to know if their hook gloves will fit on your pull up bar. Thank you.
Answer: The outside diameter of the bar is 1.25 inches. The foam padding is about 0.15 inches thick.

Question: Where is the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar manufactured?
Answer: China

Question: The sketch on your website shows the vertical supports to be 12" long. Amazon shows what seems to be the same product but with 15" supports. Are there 2 different products out there or is one wrong?
Answer: The vertical supports are 15 inches. Same model.

Question: Where is the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar manufactured?
Answer: China

Question: I purchased this a couple years ago and mounted it on the floor joists in the basement. I would like to move it to the garage, but the garage ceiling is constructed of 2x4 engineered trusses. Can I mount it to the 2x4 trusses?
Answer: Yes, it should work just fine in 2x4 trusses.

Question: What is the diameter of the bar when the foam pads are removed?
Answer: 1.25 inches

Question: Hello. I was hoping you could help me. I was given this Joist Pull-Up Bar but it didn't include the bolts, nuts or washers. Can you sen dme the sizes for each? Thank you!
Answer: The bolts are 3 x 1/2 inch carriage bolts. You will need four buts and bolts and 8 washers.

Question: When the chin up bar is attached to the joist how far down does it come?
Answer: The mounting brackets are 15 inches long. So the total clearance will depend on where you mount the brackets.

Question: I want to install this bar outdoors. Is it suitable for outdoor installation?
Answer: This bar is not designed specifically for outdoor use.

Question: What is the recommend height from the bar to the ceiling?
Answer: 7 ft. However, the actual height can vary depending on your circumstances.

Question: The support beam in my residence only juts down 4.25 inches from my ceiling. Is that enough space to fit all bolts required to hold the bar up?
Answer: Yes

Question: How far below the joist is the bar once installed?
Answer: The brackets are 14 inches long so it depends on how high up the joist you mount them.

Question: do u have a chin up bar that extends to 44 inches
Answer: We do not at this time.

Question: I just ordered to Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar. What is the diameter of the bar? I am ordering a pull up assistance piece and there are diameters specifications for each of the three choices.
Answer: 1.25 inch diameter

Question: The foam grips on the middle horizontal bar tore. Do you have replacements?
Answer: Yes, please send your request using our "Contact us" page.

Question: We purchased and installed the Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar. Love it, except that one of the foam covers on the middle horizontal bar ripped. Can we get replacements from you?
Answer: Please send your request using our "Contact us".

Question: is this mounted on the side of beam or underneath the beam
Answer: The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar mounts to the side of the beam.

Question: I am trying to decide between this bar and the 19" joist mount bar, I am not sure which would be better. It is being mounted in the cellar with open 2 x 6 joists. Heights of the users are 5'5" and 5' 9". Thank you.
Answer: We recommend the 19".

Question: Can I mount this to an engineered joist?
Answer: It would depend on the dimensions of the joist, but most likely yes.

Question: It appears that the 26" joist mounted bar is available in Australia ... Brisbane ... if so the cost delivered and delivery time???
Answer: The item will ship from Sydney. Orders ship within 1-3 business days and the tracking number will be available within 24 hours of ship time. The estimated delivery time is 2-4 days. To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart and enter your address.

Question: Hello - I assume the difference in the 20v26 in. pull up bar is determined by the height / size of the person using it ? thus for teenagers a 20 in would be best fit ?
Answer: Yes the 19" spacing would be best.

Question: Who would the wider 26" bar suit, is it for those with wider shoulder widths?
Answer: It is best for larger individuals.

Joist Mount Pull Up Bar

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