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Gymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance!
Gymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance!
Gymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance!

Gymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance!

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Purchasing the Gymnastic Rings by Ultimate Body Press gives you immediate access to many of the most effective body weight training exercises. Our Gymnastic Rings include professional-quality, high-density white nylon rings with a unique wood grain textured finish for extra comfort and grip. New for 2015, the Gymnastic Rings are upgraded with a bold new look for your home gym and redesigned straps and buckles. The die cast buckles are engineered for quick adjustment, easy pass-through strap threading and reduced wear on the strap. The new blue straps feature sewn hatch marks every six inches for even alignment across both rings when switching between exercises. At 17 ft long the nylon straps allow you to easily go between high exercises like pullups or muscle-ups and low exercises like ring push-ups or chest flies. Adjust the Gymnastic Rings to a medium height for body weight rows, tricep extensions, wood chops or ring dips. You can also use the rings for support while performing lower body exercises like one leg squats or reverse lunges. These exercises feel great and are super effective because the free swinging rings engage core muscles as well as the major muscle groups of the upper body for more exercise intensity. Few other fitness products can match the versatility or the historical legacy of Gymnastic Rings. The Gymnastic rings first appeared in the Olympic Games in 1924 and the ?Iron Cross? performed by gymnasts in that event is easily the most challenging body weight exercise of all - modern fitness programs like CrossFit make the gym rings approachable for everyone. The Gymnastic rings by Ultimate Body Press are fun to use and will yield great results for all experience levels.
-Includes 2 Gymnastic Rings with 17 foot straps and quick adjusting cam buckles

-Professional-quality, high-density nylon Gymnastic Rings with a unique wood grain textured finish

-Gymnastic Rings are useful for many exercises targeting the upper body, lower body and core

-Ultimate Body Press Gymnastic Rings are easy to install on any pull-up bar or beam

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 3 inches
Instruction Manual Gymnastic Rings Manual.pdf

Question: How much is shipping and handling for ten of these gymnastic rings to North Hollywood, CA 91605?
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply". You only have to enter your country and postal code. You will not be asked to enter payment information or even your email address. If you have any more questions about shipping rates please email us using our "Contact us" page.

Question: How much weight can the gym rings hold? Can the gym rings be set up on my door installed pull up bar , I have a perfect multi-gym pull up bar which comes with ab straps and supports up to 220lbs.
Answer: The GYm Rings can support up to 300 lbs and they will work with a doorway pull up bar.

Question: do you sell in any retail stores in the 11509 area ?
Answer: No, the dip bar is only available online.

Question: How do the olympic rings attach? Do they have the same hooks as the pushup rings?
Answer: The gym rings have a strap that forms a loop. Simply loop it over your anchor point.

Question: What type of material are the rings made of? In time should i expect it to loose its shape?
Answer: These Gym Rings are incredibly durable because they are made with high density injected polyurethane.

Question: can you send a set of rings to Dubai if I pay the carriage?
Answer: Please use our "Contact us" page to get a quote.

Question: What material are these rings made of?
Answer: Polyurethane

Question: What diameter are the rings?

Question: How much do the rings weigh? Am thinking of taking to France for my grandchildren
Answer: A pair of rings and straps weight 3 lbs.

Question: Hi, the website says that you will be restocking the gymnastic rings in August 10, 2013. Do you actually mean 2012? Is there any way to get them earlier because I am in need of one. Thanks
Answer: Returning to stock on August 13 2012

Question: What would be a more challenging workout with the dip station? Using the gymnastic rings or the push up rings to perform push ups? Is it recommended to use the gymnastic rings with the dip station? I didn't see any pictures of that set up.
Answer: We recommend that you use the Push Up Rings with the dip bar.

Question: do you ship to apo
Answer: Yes

Question: Are your olympic rings regulation size. what are the dimensions of the ring itself?
Answer: Pipe Diameter of the Ring: 3cm, External Diameter of the Ring: 26cm

Question: How are these attached? Do I need a bar? Can they be attached to the ceiling?
Answer: These need to be hung over a bar or hook. You could attach them to your ceiling but you would have to purchase an ceiling anchor separately.

Question: how many days to ship to canada
Answer: All our shipping times and policies can be found here:

Question: Can these be left outside in all kinds of weather? Wanting to hang these on our playset.
Answer: The buckle is not designed to remain outside.

Question: What is the diameter of the rings?
Answer: 26cm

Question: Does the material have UV inhibitors? I would like to mount these outdoors.
Answer: There is no UV inhibitor to our knowledge.

Question: What is the size of the rings?
Answer: 9 inch diameter x 1.1 inch thickness

Question: Hi. What is the size of the rings themselves. (Diameter or circumference). I have larger hands and concerned they might not be large enough.
Answer: These rings are the same diameter as gymnastics regulation rings, 8"

Question: I would like to order some gymnastic rings for my school, and I have the P.O. here ready to go. Can I just give you guys the P.O. number to order them or do you have to have a credit card?
Answer: We require a credit card.

Question: How does this ring set compare with that sold by Gymanstics Bodies?
Answer: We are not familiar with the product you mentioned.

Question: How much weight can these rings support? I noticed in the demo video that the nylon falls to the ground, looking terrible. Can the nylon be rolled so that it is not dangling? How easy is it adjust the height of the rings?
Answer: The rings adjust easily using the spring loaded cam buckle. This product can support up to 350 lbs.

Question: I have the ultimate bodypress dip stand and iron gym pull up bar at home. My question is are ring dips and ring pull ups supposed to be easier or more difficult than regular pull ups and dips? Will the ring pull ups and ring dips work the muscles differently or the same? Can you please give me detailed information on the extra benefits ring pull ups and ring dips has over pull ups and dips without the rings? Please explain because I may purchase this in the near future. Thanks.
Answer: Ring dips and ring push ups are more difficult than regular dips or push ups because you will engage more muscles to stabilize your body against free moving handles. Ring Pull Ups will allow for some variety but these benefits are less. We recommend continuing with nromal pull ups and trying the suspension product for push ups and dips. You can also do chest flies and roll-outs.

Question: If I purchase these rings, how much does each ring weigh? I would like to know the total weight of the two rings. Thanks.
Answer: The rings weigh about 1 lbs each.

Question: What type of isometric exercises to work the biceps can be done with the rings? Do you have any videos or instructions on how to do specific isometric holds to work the biceps? Thanks.
Answer: We have workout options for you in our "Workouts" section. Check out the Gold Medal Bodies workouts. These include some isometrics but not exclusively.

Question: Are the clips for the straps plastic or metal?
Answer: Metal

Question: I would like to order this but can't find a way to do that. Any suggestions?
Answer: The Gym Rings are back in stock and available now.

Gymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance!

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