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Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers

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Wall Mount Ergonomic Pull Up Bar
The new patent pending Wall Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press fits 16 and 24 inch studs and is ergonomically designed to reduce strain and increase gains during your workouts. Featuring 18 inches of wall clearance, ideal 20 inch spacing on the parallel grips and angled bars with four dedicated grip positions, the Wall Mount Bar supports your best fitness everyday.

Universal Wall Mount
Bolted to the structure of your home, the Wall Mount Pull Up offers true stability and a solid anchor for accessories like Ab Straps and Gymnastic Rings. Our exclusive reversible dual position risers allows the pull up bar to be mounted to any stud framed residential home while preserving the ideal 20 inch spacing on the parallel grips. Mounting template, complete hardware, toll-free customer service and satisfaction guarantee mean you can add this pull up bar to any home with total confidence.

The Ergonomic Bar
The Wall Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press features 4 ergonomic grip positions angled to enhance your workouts with less strain. By providing a more natural hand position during pull ups, chin ups, parallel grip pull ups and wide grip pull ups the finely tuned angled grips help you avoid over articulation of the shoulders and reduce loading on your wrists and elbows.

The 20" Spaced Parallel Grips
Parallel grip pull ups target the three large muscle groups in the back - the lats, rhomboids and traps. Comfortably spaced at 20", the parallel grips are a great fit for just about every build.

Reversible Risers
This Wall Mount Pull Up Bar features the Ultimate Body Press exclusive Dual Position Risers. Most homes have 16? on center spacing for both interior and exterior wall studs. Newer construction may have 24? on-center stud spacing on the exterior walls and any home may have 24? on-center spacing for the interior walls ? where structural loads are reduced. Reversible risers let you mount your bar on any wall in your home now and in the future should you ever want to rearrange your workout space.

Anchor Optional Pull Up Bar Accessories
Add Optional Ab Straps and Gymnastic Rings to transform your pull up bar into a complete home gym. Pull up bar accessories expand your favorite exercises with new compound movements and increase your rep counts to full sets with assisted exercise variations. If you are seeking a performance edge on the field, working up to your first pull up or rediscovering your best performance levels, pull up bar accessories get comprehensive results fast. Shop all pull up bar accessories here: Workout Gear

Order Now and Save
Upgrade your home gym with the new Wall Mount Pull Up Bar - all Ultimate Body Press orders over $40 ship free. The workouts are great, the results are even better.
  • Wall mount pull up bar with premium foam grips and 18 inches of wall clearance
  • Reversible Risers perfectly span 16" and 24" on-center wall studs
  • Ultra-stable construction supports 350lbs - 5MM thick mounting plates and square tube risers
  • Ergonomic bar with 4 grip positions and 20 inch Parallel grip spacing for better workouts with less strain
  • Includes all hardware, mounting Template, instructions and satisfaction guarantee
  • Ideal anchor for Ab Straps and Gymnastic Rings for healthy full body workouts
Wall Studs: 16" or 24"
Bar Width: 42 Inches
Riser Height: 18"
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Start your home bodyweight gym the right way with a mounted pull up bar. The mounted bar is ready to go any time of day for even the briefest workouts so you can always build on your momentum and progress.

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Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with Reversible Risers

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