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Real-Time Tabata Workout for Less Fat and More Muscle

Get two workouts in just four minutes!

Brad and Jessica have prepared a fresh Tabata high intensity interval training workout featuring great Ultimate Body Press gear. Tabata is two workouts in one and takes just four minutes!

Put yourself first, take the time to upgrade with these great accessories.

Ultimate Body Press Push Up Rings

Hooked onto your pull up bar, our universal fit* Ultimate Body Press Push Up Rings support beginners new to pull ups with the assisted pull up. Two variations include the inclined pull up and the one leg pull up. If you are a beginner, the rings are the best way to build strength as you work up to your pull-up goals.

For advanced workouts, Push Up Ring push ups are more effective than traditional push-ups and even rotating push-up stands. With push-up rings, your hands have greater range of motion and a greater challenge. As your body moves, muscle groups have to work together to steady your hands beneath you. Push Up rings build muscles better and improve balance and control... Try one arm body weight rows, inclined chest flies, and many more.

Ultimate Body Press Sandbag

Just like the Push Up Rings, the Ultimate Body Press Sandbag is a must for the home gym. The Sandbag is a fat-burning, strength-building powerhouse - shifting sand recruits more muscles with every exercise! Whether your fitness goals include building muscle, losing weight, or improving your speed and agility, the Exercise Sandbag from Ultimate Body Press will help you get there faster.

The Push Up Rings and Sandbag are featured in our Express Workouts, Dynamic Fitness Workouts, and Ultimate Body Press Videos!

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