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Suspension Training Exercise Guide

  • Back Fly

    Suspension Trainer Back Flyes

    'Pull' exercises balance out 'push' exercises like Dips and Push Ups.

  • Back Angel

    Suspension Trainer Back Angels

    Back angles add definition and speed to places you never knew you needed.

  • Single Arm Row

    Suspension Trainer Single Arm Rows

    Adding a stability challenge to Rows increases results across your back and core.

  • Forearm Extension

    Suspension Trainer Forearm Extensions

    Level up your grip, swing and follow through while freeing up power for your back and core.

  • Mountain Climber

    Suspension Trainer Mountain Climbers

    Low impact Mountain Climbers bring new levels of power to your stride.

  • Double Arm Ab Wheel

    Suspension Trainer Double Arm Ab Wheel

    The Double Arm Ab Wheel is like a Plank - only much better.

  • Reverse Lunge

    Suspension Trainer Reverse Lunge

    Increase hip power to better leverage everything you do with your legs.

  • Stirrup Lunge

    Suspension Trainer Stirrup Lunge

    Tone your largest muscle while making real balance gains

  • Running Man

    Suspension Trainer Running Man

    Great metabolism work anywhere you like to workout

  • Side Crunch

    Suspension Trainer Side Crunch

    All this time you could have been having fun defeating your love handles