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Superset Workout for Great Abs and Core

Superset Workout for Great Abs and Core

Time to jump in with a hard hitting Superset Ab workout from Brad and Jessica.

The Superset workout includes repeatable two minute sets:

Superset I
  • Sandbag powerclean burbee
  • Sandbag cyclones
Superset II
  • Fast abs Spiderman pushups
  • Fast abs reverse lunge into power knee up

The pros know that winning great abs takes targeted emphasis on the abdominals and core. But if you really want to show off your abdominal workouts, you need Superset workouts to spike your metabolism through lifting your heart rate with exercises that work alternating combinations of your major muscles groups spike your metabolism and you burn off the belly fat that's hiding your abdominal definition.

This Superset workout targets your abs, works alternating major muscle groups in your upper and lower body, and drives your heart rate with a mix of Sandbag moves and great use of the innovative Ultimate Body Press Fast Abs Pack.

You simply have to try the Fast Abs Pack to experience the impact you get when you tone the muscle groups in your core, hips, thighs and knees. You are going to feel balanced and light on your feet all day, reduce your risk of injury, and if you are after performance you will discover a new edge in your speed and agility.

Grab your gear and start the timer Brad and Jessica are ready to go!.