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Sandbag Swing

sandbag exercise - sandbag swing
This exercise can also be completed using the handles on the end of the sandbag.

Exercise Type: Full body
Repetitions: 12-20


1. Stand tall in a sumo stance (feet just wider than shoulder width, toes slightly out), hips forward, arms straight down holding the sandbag by the top handles between your legs.
2. Bring your hips and rear back slightly, then thrust your hips and arms forward to create your initial swing.
3. On your initial swing the sandbag will most likely not reach the pinnacle you're aiming to reach. No worries you'll get there on your next swing. For now let the sandbag swing back down between your legs.
4. Let your pelvis and rear travel back slightly with the momentum and then thrust your hips and arms forward again. This time your swing should be fully extended out in front of you, make sure to use enough control to keep it from going directly overhead (it may throw you off balance if you bring it too high).
5. Let the sandbag swing back down between your legs. Repeat steps 4-6 until you achieve your reps.

Be careful not to abruptly stop your swing in the bottom motion otherwise it may collide with you in an unpleasant way, instead take an extra swing or two to slow down the momentum.