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Sandbag Exercise Guide

Build Muscle and Burn Fat Like its Your Duty! Sandbag Exercises are Based on Elite Military Training.

Take fitness to the next level by challenging not only your major muscle groups but also your intrinsic stabilizer muscles with sandbag training. The benefits of working with a sandbag is that it does not remain rigid and is constantly moving in reaction to your movements. The shifting of the sand causes your body to react differently engaging more muscle.

Whether you are a beginner or elite athlete, sandbag exercises will challenge you and increase your power, strength, endurance and stability at a different level. The concept of adding the weight of a sandbag in a workout is an vital part of the Navy Seals training regimen as well as CrossFit workout paradigms.

  • Shouldering


    This movement is about power and balance. It incorporates the entire body.

  • Bear Hug Squat

    Bear Hug Squat

    The Bear Hug Squat takes all the benefits of a regular squat to another level by engage your chest, arms and core.

  • Front Squat

    Front Squat

    Places full body muscle building on the front and center.

  • Squat


    Get your blood pumping, to burn fat and boost your metabolism

  • Lunge


    Developing strength and coordination so that you don't trip up as you're strutting your stuff.

  • Shouldering to Press

    Shouldering to Press

    Incorporates power and balance while adding a great strength component for your shoulders and triceps.

  • Front Squat to Press

    Front Squat to Press

    This movement is the next progressive step from Squats, in that you're doing the Squat then adding an overhead press.

  • Burpee


    Burpees will definitely get your heart rate going and cause you to break into a serious sweat.

  • Sandbag Swing

    Sandbag Swing

    This exercise will help train your body to create force and momentum for more quickness and power.

  • Clean To Squat

    Clean To Squat

    Improving your balance, power and strength while cleaning out the fat strength.

  • Deadlift


    Add some strength and definition to the backside of your skinny jeans.

  • Clean To Squat To Press

    Clean To Squat To Press

    This exercise is a progression from the Clean To Squat, we are adding the press and developing additional strength in the shoulders and arms.