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3. Resistance Knee Raise

pull up bar dip station exercise - resistance knee raises
Incredible Blend of Elastic Resistance with Speed and Agility

This exercise is a real breakthrough because for the first time you can add elastic resistance to your legs during the running motion and it is all done from a very natural standing position. The muscles used during this exercise also play a primary role in posture and back health so this exercise can have tremendous benefits for all users. Using the dip stand you are able to focuses elastic resistance directly on your lower abdominal muscles, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Exercise Type: Lower Body
Repetitions: 10 - 20


1. Stand in the middle of the dip machine.
2. Using the ankle straps, attach the resistance bands to the back of your ankles.
3. Raise your heels off the ground tucking your hips underneath you.
4. Press down onto the grips, keeping your shoulders back & relaxed.
5. Lift up one knee bringing your foot straight up underneath you.
6. Flex your foot and ankle upward as it passes directly by your support knee.

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