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For a quick, space-saving way to exercise back muscles, use the Ultimate Body Press pull up bar. The door fits easily into a doorway or other small space for a convenient, effective workout. The pull up bar is a perfect complement to our portable dip bar and allows for an expanded variety of exercises.

To get the most out of the pull up bar, extend your arms and grip the bar firmly, your hands about shoulder-length apart. Using only your upper body strength, pull up until your elbows are bent and your head is higher than your hands. For maximum effect, be sure not to swing your body or 'kip' with your legs for additional momentum.

With your pull up bar, you can perform the following variations on pull-up exercises:

Weighted Pull Ups: Use a weighted belt or hold a dumbbell with your feet or knees in order to provide extra resistance for a tougher workout.

Behind-The-Neck Pull Ups: Bend your head forward and pull up until the back of the neck touches the bar.

One-Arm Pull Ups: As the name indicates, this exercises is done by grasping the bar with one arm and using it to lift the body. This exercise requires considerable strength and is not for beginners.

Muscle-Up: Instead of stopping when your head is higher than your hands, straighten your arms to raise your body above the bar. Make sure there is adequate headroom before attempting this exercise.

Reverse Push-Ups: Start by placing the push up bar 2 to 3 feet off the floor. Lie face-up under the bar, grasp the bar and pull your chest toward the pull up bar. Keep your heels on the floor and make the body as rigid as possible.

Chin Ups: A variation on the pull up that targets additional muscle groups, the chin up is performed just like a pull up except the bar is held in an underhand grip (palm facing toward you) instead of the normal overhand grip (palm facing away).

The versatility of the Ultimate Body Press pull up bar is enhanced by adding our push up rings or 7' core suspension rings for an expanded strength training regimen. The Pull Up Bar is available in several packages designed to provide you with pull up exercises for a maximized workout.

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