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I'm Only in it for the Muscle!

This workout puts you in the fast lane to big muscle gains.

ripped chest doing dipsThe truth is, all our workouts are designed to build muscle very quickly but this is our most straightforward, stripped down workout plan for your quickest route to muscle growth. And just like our other workout plans, it is designed around “THE BIG FOUR" Muscle Building Moves: Dips, Pull Ups, Ring Push Ups and Body Weight Rows.

With the "I'm Only in it for the Muscle!" Workout, the minimum repetitions you should be able to perform for any of the exercises is eight. If you cannot do the full exercise described below, work your way up to it by using one of the less difficult versions that can be found in our other workouts.

Choosing the correct resistance is very important for building muscle. The version of each exercise you choose for each should be difficult enough so when you are on reps 8 - 12 you begin to feel very challenged, as though you might not be able to complete all the repetitions. If you can do about 8 - 12 reps and you get that feeling of being very challenged then you’ve hit the sweet spot for building new muscle.

Did you get that? Read it again because choosing the right resistance is absolutely critical for muscle growth!

We have also included a couple of our most challenging lower body and core exercises because any hard core Ultimate Body Press routine has to include the Resistance Band Knee Raise. This is by far the most effective core training exercise anywhere. And adding a couple of lower body exercises really does help pace your workouts for even better muscle building results. You are free to do as many repetitions of these as you like. We recommend 10 - 20 Repetitions of the lower body and core exercises.

Workout Summary

Exercises: 6
Repetitions: THE BIG FOUR 8-12, Lower Body 10-20
Sets: 3-4
Frequency: Every Other Day
pull up bar dip station workout navigation Exercise List

1. Wide Grip Pull up
2. Weighted Dip
3. Resistance Knee Raise
4. One Arm Body Weight Row
5. Ring Push Up – Feet Elevated
6. Bulgarian Split Squat