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Living with Fitness - The Shape of your Best Life

Welcome to the Ultimate Body Press Living with Fitness Guide. We've assembled some great resources to help you meet your goals for fitness and discover the shape of your best life.

Get your start with this video blog from Brad Gouthro - Brad talks you through the core concepts of how your body deals with blood sugar and how insulin sensitivity determines whether food becomes fat that drags you down or the energy that amps you up.

For 2015, we focusing on the all important Pull Up and how everyone can work up to and expand on full pull ups. We've enlisted the help of corrective exercise expert and personal trainer Levi Sowerby to build a pull up program with a focus on form and balance for your upper body muscles. View the full program on the blog: Your Pull Up Work Up

  • The How To On Dip Progressions

    The How To On Dip Progressions

    Dip Progression enable full workouts for all skill levels. Get full details on how to use the Dip Station for maximum results

  • Ultimate Body Press Nutrition Guide

    Ultimate Body Press Nutrition Guide

    80% of fat loss happens in the kitchen which makes us committed to fitness with every meal. Get more of Brad's insights on how to make food your fitness ally daily.

  • Allergy Addiction

    Allergy Addiction

    Are you in a cycle where you have become addicted to the pain killers your body makes when you eat foods you're allergic to? Ready to take action?

  • How to Fit in Fitness

    How to Fit in Fitness

    Live with fitness daily and you increase your energy, improve your body, and boost your happiness. Itís time to make the time for fitness, and hereís how.

  • Getting Back Up

    Getting Back Up

    Whether due to injury, pregnancy, relocation, or simply the struggles of life, youíve likely gone through a span of time without exercising. Get a little insight into what gets us going...

  • Find your Fitness Trend

    Find your Fitness Trend

    Get a look at the fitness trends that make an impact in millions of lives. Each requires a different mindset and each delivers different results.

  • Five Ways to Boost Metabolism

    Five Ways to Boost Metabolism

    Give your metabolism a much needed boost to burn off those extra calories with these five trusted methods of turning on your calorie burning power.

  • Environmental Toxins and Fat

    Environmental Toxins and Fat

    Your body has to make fat to store and protect you from environmental toxins. Dr. Hyman has tips for what to do about it.