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Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series
Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series

Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series - Now 35% Off

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Our system is comprised of nine unique workouts that utilize an intelligent combination of progressive resistance and high-intensity interval training. Developed in conjunction with the Ultimate Body Press line - the most effective, convenient, and practical home fitness equipment on the market - Kailo gives you the results you want without ever setting foot in a gym. Each disc is jam packed with over two hours of workouts and advice. That includes Stretching Routines and the ?Tips from the Expert? sections that give you clear instructions on form and technique for every exercise. You?ll also get our ?Fresh Start Nutrition Guide? with straightforward, easy to follow strategies to achieve and maintain your optimal weight as well as our Workout Calendar to help you organize your workouts, track your progress, and get the most out of this program. To get in the best shape of your life using the Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series you will need the follow Ultimate Body Press products sold separately: 1. Dip Bar
2. Push Up Rings
3. Pull Up Bar
4. Exercise Resistance Bands
-3 DVD's with 9 unique workouts, stretching routines and detailed exercise advice

-In depth instruction for every exercise

-Comprehensive Workout Calender

-Easy to follow nutrition guide


Product Reviews for Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series

Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series5Bill M.August 10, 2013I recently purchased the UBP kit with the Kailo Home Fitness DVD package. I did the first workout today and had a nice sweat going. I liked the pace of the workouts and the instruction was pretty clear. The Expert Tips were very helpful ensure that I did the moves correctly. Overall, very nice job, I have watched the other videos and can see the progression into some very challenging, and rewarding, workouts. I am surprised I do not see more comments and promotion of this Fitness DVD series online. Great job guys!

Question: I live in South Africa, can I order online and what will the costs be to get it here?
Answer: About $130. For shipments to South Africa, you must have a PayPal account. Please email us your address and PayPal account using our "Contact us" page. We will estimate the shipping and send you a paypal invoice.

Question: what happen once the exercise becomes to easy to build muscle within the rep and set range?
Answer: At that point you can move to a harder variation of the exercise or increase resistance by adding more resistance bands. UBP products and accessories allow for a wide variety of resistance levels. Read this for more info:

Question: Does the dvd tell you how to build muscle mass ?
Answer: Yes. These dvd's will help you build muscle safely.

Question: Is the dvd set available in australia ? I couldn't find it in the link to australia just the exercises products not the dvd set or complete package
Answer: This product is not yet available in Australia.

Question: Are the workouts on the DVD the same as the YouTube workouts?
Answer: No, these are a completely different series of workouts and warm up routines.

Question: Can you ship to Europe?
Answer: Please use our "Contact us" page to get a shipping quote.

Question: I am in my mid 40's and have quite a bit if weight to lose. So I'm not accustomed to exercise, but would like to build muscle and lose 80 I lbs. Is there a beginner's DVD or modifications?
Answer: Yes, this dvd includes modifications.

Question: Is this a good starting workout for someone who wants to lose weight and then build muscle afterwards?
Answer: This program is designed for optimal fat loss and strength gains. It is a great all round fitness program.

Question: hello.can you ship this to greece? i yould like to buy this and other products from you
Answer: We can ship to Greece but the DVD is not formatted for most DVD players in Europe.

Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series

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