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The Express Workouts from Ultimate Body Press are lightning fast, high intensity circuit workouts that can be completed in as little as 12 minutes. Each routine is a full body, fat burning, muscle building race to the finish including one push, one pull, and two sandbag exercises.

Do each exercise and repeat the circuit 3 - 6 times for maximum results. If you cannot complete at least 8 reps of any of the exercise, just do as many as you can or visit our Principles of Fitness to learn how the exercises can be modified for beginners.

Express Workout Overview

Exercises: 4
Repetitions: 8-12
Sets: 3-6
Sample Exercise List

1. Sandbag Exercise
2. Push Exercise
3. Combo Sandbag Exercise
4. Pull Exercise
Muscle Groups Targeted

Lower Body and Core
Chest, Triceps, Shoulders and Core
Full Body
Back, Biceps Shoulders and Core

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