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Dynamic Strength Package
Dynamic Strength Package
Dynamic Strength Package
Dynamic Strength Package
Dynamic Strength Package

Dynamic Strength Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Package Deal

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Price: $159.95

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Get Better Workouts Everyday with an at Home Gym
Reenergize your at home workouts with the New Dip Bar Fitness Station, Weighted Dip Belt Agility Trainer, and Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Package from Ultimate Body Press. It's the ideal package if you are looking to put a complete total body fitness system in your home with real performance gains in mind.

The Original Dip Bar Fitness Station
Effective at-home strength training for the chest, shoulders arms, back and core begins with a Dip Station designed for performance. Rigid construction and open asymmetric frame gives you immediate access to the best and most highly metabolic compound bodyweight exercises: Chest and Tricep Dips, Body Weight Rows and Knee Raises. Assisted exercise variations let you complete full dip sets right from day one and bodyweight rows balance your back and shoulder development with your chest and arms. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar is supported with our workout guides and over 100 free workout videos.

Weighted Dip Belt Agility Trainer
Weighted Dip Belt exercises build muscle across the chest, arms, and back while targeted resistance band training for the abs, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings delivers real agility and mobility gains. The Weighted Dip Belt and Agility Trainer adds up to 60lbs of low inertia resistance to your chest and tricep dips and gives you high performance agility training at home or on the go.

Step away from the Dip Station and use the premium quality padded ankle straps and the universal anchoring system to add highly targeted resistance band exercises to the chronically undertrained muscles of the core and lower body. Lower body resistance band workouts drastically improve agility, mobility and performance for the difficult to train areas of the abs, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings down through the critical stabilizer muscles around the knees, ankles and feet.

Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainers
Expand your Dip Station exercises for full body results with the new suspension trainer system from Ultimate Body Press. Commercial grade components include two independent suspension straps index stitched for fast even adjustments, heavy duty cam buckles and high strength handles with integrated foot loops. Innovative Lay-Flat Handles and hardware layout follow body contours to prevent contact with buckles for enjoyable workouts that promote optimum form. Anchor using the Dip Station, doorways, pull up bars, rafters, beams, outdoor park structures ? even tree limbs. Single point utility strap anchoring lets you workout in any location while independent quick-connect 'S' hook anchoring lets quickly connect to the Dip Station for fresh challenges with Ring Push Ups, Chest Flyes, Planks, Pikes and more. Comprehensive exercise guide includes 26 movements and 3 sample workouts.

If you are ready to break through plateuas and discover new levels of performance on and off the filed, order the Dynamic Strength Package today.
1 - Dip Bar Fitness Station

1 - Suspension Trainer Strap System (Two Quick Adjust Suspension Straps w/Lay-Flat Handles, Utility anchor, Full Color Poster, & Carry Bag)

1 - Weighted Dip Belt Agility Trainer (Weight Dip Belt, 2 Sets of 4 Resistance Bands, Dip Station Anchors, Ankle Tethers, Universal Utility Anchor, & Carry Bag)

Weight Capacity: Dip Station: 350 lbs
Push Up Rings: 350 lbs
Dip Belt Pack: 10-60 lbs
Shipping Weight: 27 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 4 inches

Product Reviews for Dynamic Strength Package

Dynamic Strength Package4Koda630September 25, 2014Being a over the road truck driver it's difficult finding a gym or even time to workout. The portable dip bar is easy for me to use inside my truck. I just wish it were taller, and assembly was a bit tricky. Overall a great product to have in your fitness arsenal.
Dynamic Strength Package5Kim KNovember 23, 2013Seriously love my new dip bar. I can workout my core in 5 minutes!! Looking to get the sandbag next...
Dynamic Strength Package5Miami305February 11, 2013I only go to the Gym to work on my Legs only!! Dip and pull bar is all u need.. Love it
Dynamic Strength Package5Cranky CliffJanuary 6, 2013Once again, (I bought the wall chin up bar a year ago), I am very pleased with the quality of the product. Solid, well built, easy to assemble.
Dynamic Strength Package5HabsOctober 24, 2012Love this equipment. Have had it for a month and have had great results & increase in strength. Simple and convenient.
Dynamic Strength Package5StebeAugust 3, 2012I purchased this for the dip bar, then found out the cool accessories available, and then I calculated the best product packages VS pricing combinations to determine which to buy. The bar's design is excellent. It's not rock solid stable when in use, but it works just fine. This is probably the best piece of equipment out there for the money! 5/5
Dynamic Strength Package5jaeJuly 3, 2012Not bad at all... I like it a lot. Now I don't have to go to the every day. I use the dip bar 3 days a week . Great job guys....
Dynamic Strength Package4K ZarentisMay 18, 2012Many exercises can be performed with this equipment. Simple effective design gives you a good workout. The grips on the dip station should have been much better. Grip position should be redesigned to allow for an adjustable 90 degree rotation. Extension bars should also be available for greater adjustment of height and width. This would make it a bit more expensive, but also perfect.
Dynamic Strength Package5GabeApril 2, 2012So far I am satisfied with the product. I also use a stability ball to support my feet so that I can do pushups on the dip bar. It works pretty good. And thank you, Ultimate Body Press, for coming through with some good customer service!
Dynamic Strength Package4tom bushFebruary 15, 2012All the exercises are great! Easy to set up and disassemble. Overall a great all in one upper body sculpting tool. That being said, the clips on the resistance bands are a little brittle and my red resistance band broke the 2nd time I used it
Dynamic Strength Package5StephanieJanuary 8, 2012Easy to set up and use. I can do most of my workouts at home now. so worth it!
Dynamic Strength Package4MelinaDecember 23, 2011I really love the product
Dynamic Strength Package5MalikOctober 23, 2011Perfect love it..Does wat it says
Dynamic Strength Package5Sascha KonietzkoSeptember 20, 2011does everything that it is made to do, and very well :D i love it.
Dynamic Strength Package5walterAugust 26, 2011so far i like what i see. the dip portion works well. you can feel the difference when using the different grip options. push-ups are more of a challenge which i like. i feel like i'm doing rings, at least in my mind. the reverse body pull-up is also more difficult than i thought it was going to be. good bang for your buck and doesn't take up much space. i'm not even bothering w/the disassembly option to store it under my bed. i would recommend it for anyone interested in having more options than the gym. cheers
Dynamic Strength Package5Carl DanielsJuly 24, 2011the Ultimate Body Press delivered promptly,was easy to assemble ,provides a great workout,and takes up very little space so it's easy to store.It is exactly what I have been looking for.I would definately recommend this equipment ,especially for the individual with limited space
Dynamic Strength Package5andre walkerJuly 21, 2011Simply simple...but excellent!!!
Dynamic Strength Package5StacyJuly 4, 2011Very useful
Dynamic Strength Package5John SolanoJune 28, 2011Everything is just as great as was promised. I love the dip press and use it regularly. My strength has improve tremendously over the first few weeks and enjoy using it for several different exercises.
Dynamic Strength Package5adeadeJune 12, 2011Very good product, does what they say I does. Also I got a very good service. Received my package on time and well packaged.
Dynamic Strength Package5JordinApril 13, 2011This is a very useful product as dips are an exceptional exercise for triceps and chest. The push-up add-ons are a great addition as well because of the more involvement of stabilizing muscles compared to a regular pushup - the resistance bands are also a nice addition to enhance the dips. I also like how the pushup stands and the dip machine are made from a solid metal, not a piece of cheap plastic. The only con if I had to be picky about this product is that in the future I would probably recommend the pushup clasp that goes around the dip machine to be a completely closed apparatus with a screw that can be turned to tighten or loosen it (by turning it by hand). The only reason I suggest this is because sometimes I feel that the pushup clasp is going to roll off the dip machine during a wide stance pushup (although it hasn't happened). Overall though, exceptional product, I highly recommend it!
Dynamic Strength Package5The Epic Show PodcastMarch 29, 2011This is a great product! I am totally satisfied with almost everything! Easy to put together. Problem is bag for weight bands was ripped almost in half before I even opened it. Other than that, I recommend this to all fitness fanatics of people that just want nicer pecks. The ring push ups combined with the dips show quick results for your chest!
Dynamic Strength Package4Loc RoullierMarch 23, 2011Well finished item.
Dynamic Strength Package5Nic VicJanuary 16, 2011Easy to assemble and sturdy once built. Every bit as good as I could have asked for.
Dynamic Strength Package5Patrick SzejnaJanuary 1, 2011Great for body weight exercises for the entire body!
Dynamic Strength Package5Marty in TennesseeDecember 17, 2010Very useful piece of equipment. Versatile, compact, does everything it claims it can do. Solidly built. It has become a central part of my workout routine. And the price is great too.
Dynamic Strength Package5James CNovember 30, 2010I like that the equipment was easy to assemble and can give you a great workout. I also like that I can train various muscle groups with the dynamic strength package.
Dynamic Strength Package4evan kerrSeptember 30, 2010luv this equipment
Dynamic Strength Package4Matt J.July 30, 2010I love this product, but I wish it had a straight bar to go with it to do different hand variations. Where I currently live, I can't put a door mounted pull-up bar in the door. I would literally bring down the house. I love the Ultimate Body Press, but wish it had a bar to do differnt variations of the pull-up. Perhaps some chin-ups, close grip, etc.
Dynamic Strength Package4GastonJune 7, 2010Very good piece of gear, very versatile and a great additon for your home gym collection would recomend this to anyone looking to get a good workout in without spending to much time doing it.
Dynamic Strength Package5Gary B.June 2, 2010This is my best investment. I love this product. EVERYONE ...looking to workout using body weight exercises, should purchase this product. Simply The BEST!!!!!
Dynamic Strength Package4KateMay 26, 2010The dip station is versitile, but a bit wide for my size as an average height female. The strength bands are really tough. It doesn't take up much space in my small apartment, and can even serve as a clothes hanger when not in use! ;)
Dynamic Strength Package5paulMay 10, 2010great product. Works like a champ. I esp. like the inverted pull-ups (hands up, pull up to bar working back).
Dynamic Strength Package5MitchMay 5, 2010Easy to set up. The Ultimate Body Press is the final piece I needed to help with my workouts. Sturdy and really helps with core performance.
Dynamic Strength Package5SimonFebruary 26, 2010Assembled quickly and easily, seems a little off-balance standing as is but very stable during the exercises, easy/light to move around the room, very sturdy. I am very satisfied with this purchase, I heartily recommend it. Delivered 8 hours ahead of Fed Ex ETA.
Dynamic Strength Package5DaveFebruary 13, 2010I got this initially to try the weighted dips using the resistance band, but now I am also doing the knee raise exercise and I can see a deference in my abs. Awesome. Thanks!

Question: weight limit
Answer: The weight limit for the dip station is 300 lbs.

Question: what's the total weight of the package (need to know for P&P)?
Answer: 22 lbs

Question: hi, I would like to buy this product, but I'm not living in USA, and a friend of me is going to bring me the pack, so I need to now the weigh and side of the packing. in particular "Dynamic Strength Package SAVE OVER $100"
Answer: 28 lbs 24x21x4 inch box

Question: whats the differnce between the small and original?

Question: Is the earliest this product is available to order (in original size) the 2nd February? I need this product by the 25th Jan to give as a present.
Answer: Thank you for your interest in Ultimate Body Press products. The dip station will be available for delivery to Europe on Feb 15. We apologize for the delay.

Question: Will the sale still be on when you get the original sized dip bars back in stock? Is it possible to get a raincheck at the current sale price? Thank you!
Answer: The sale will still be going on. The Original should be back in stock next week.

Question: I am interested in Item #: DB-CORE-PKG , I am 6'4", do you have larger model? Does it come with straps ,cords for the 124 price?
Answer: Package Includes
1 - Dip Bar
1 - New Improved Push Up Rings Accessory
1 - Dip Belt and Core Accessory Pack

Answer: China

Answer: Please use our "Contact us" page to get a quote.

Question: If an order was placed on 3/24, when could I expect delivery? What are the shipping options and related costs?
Answer: All these questions are answered on our policy page. Here is a link for you.

Question: Are you taking preorders for the this item? The item reads "Returning to Stock on May 10, 2012" but there is no purchase button.
Answer: we are not taking pre-orders at this time.

Question: Hi, I was wondering when will this product be available in USA? Thank you
Answer: May 20.

Question: this says back in stock on may 10th, its may 16th and i still dont see an option to purchase. when will it be available again?
Answer: May 20

Question: Can you ship to france?
Answer: Yes, to find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Select your country, choose your shipping method and click "Apply". Make sure the items in your shopping cart are marked "- Europe" and choose the Shipping Method "Shipping - Europe".

Question: How do I set up the bands and the push up thing? I lost the paper instructions. I bought this product in the past. I just want to ask again because I may have asked this question previously in the wrong product section. Thanks.
Answer: We have added the manual to "Specifications" tab on the item page. Please find it there.

Question: Are the push rings the "Dynamic Strength Package" long enough to do on a pull up bar or just the dip station?
Answer: The push up rings in this package are 7 ft long.

Question: does this product fold for storage
Answer: Yes, please see this video.

Question: whats the height of the dip bar
Answer: 36 inches

Question: Is this pushup accessory in this package the same one that can be used from the door chinup bar? (That can go up to 7 feet)
Answer: Yes

Question: will this be shipped to India
Answer: No. Sorry

Question: Is it possible to get the products from Europe?
Answer: Yes, simply select the EU store from the links in the upper right hand corner of this site.

Question: hi there, may i ask i wanna order one set of this item, can you ship to Hong Kong
Answer: Please email for a shipping estimate.

Dynamic Strength Package

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