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Clean To Squat

sandbag exercise - clean to squat

Exercise Type: Full Body
Repetitions: 20-30 (with low weight for endurance goals) 6-12 (with heavier weights for strength goals)


1. Stand in a deep squat position (feet should be just beyond shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out in a sumo squat position) with the sandbag horizontally at your feet, hands on the horizontal or parallel handles with arms straight down. Make sure to have upward tension already on the sandbag handles, taking out the slack.
2. Drive through your heels pushing up to a bent knee standing position, while swinging the bag up and around to rest on your upper chest and crook of your arms. Focus on moving the sandbag up as close to your body as possible.
3. Before you get to a full standing position drop back down to a deep squat just below the 90* angle with the sandbag still resting on your upper chest and crook of your arms. (The movement in step 2 was for the purpose of driving the sandbag up and around, not for standing up fully).
4. Driving through your heels push up to a tall standing position, your hips should be pushed forward and gluteus (rear) should be tucked under to complete the full range of motion.
5. Flip the sandbag out of your arms and onto the ground in front of your feet and start the movement again.