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Advanced Workout

Advanced Execution of "THE BIG FOUR"

man performs weighted dip on dip station

This is the most advanced version of "THE BIG FOUR" muscle building moves. If you can complete this workout, go ahead and consider yourself ready for anything.

Step up and get ripped by adding up to 60 lbs of elastic resistance to your dip stand with the Ultimate Body Press Dip Belt. Also, advance your dynamic flexibility with the Supine Eagle exercise and the Fire Hydrant with Kick Out.

Remember: If you have any favorite exercises from the Beginner or Intermediate Workouts, feel free to substitute or add them to this routine.

Workout Summary

Exercises: 6
Repetitions: THE BIG FOUR 6-12, Lower Body 10-20
Sets: 2-4
Frequency: Every Other Day

Exercise List

1. Stationary March
2. Weighted Dip
3. Resistance Knee Raise
4. Body Weight Row - Feet Elevated
5. Supine Eagle
6. Ring Push Up - Feet Elevated
7. Bulgarian Split Squat
8. Pull Up
9. Fire Hydrant With Kick Out