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Advanced Upper Body Muscle Building for Men

Advanced Upper Body Muscle Building for Men

Guys it's time to experience the new science in achieving a ripped upper body at home. Do this workout combining two of the most effective muscle building techniques into one routine: Compound Exercises and Superset Circuits. You will be blown away by how fast you pack on lean muscle. Target your Pecs, Lats, Delts, Biceps and Triceps in a workout that peaks with the gym-ring style Push Up.

Muscle Building for Men Exercises - 10 Reps Each:
  • Pull Ups in 3 Difficulty Variations
  • Tricep Dips w/Two Variations
  • Ring Push Ups
  • SandBag Bicep Curls

Ultimate Results Efficiency:

  • ✔  Compound Exercises
    Exercises that engage multiple muscle groups for maximum muscle building metabolic impact
  • ✔  Superset Circuit Workout
    Workout and recover simultaneously with strategically planned compound exercises

  • If you're wondering how so many guys make the massive build look easy it's from Compound Exercises. Compound Exercises engage multiple muscle groups at once and the science works for your metabolism and your hormones to build lean muscle incredibly fast.

    To save you time and get you your results even faster, we use Superset Circuits to keep you working a fresh muscle group while recovering from the previous exercise.

    The workout out peaks with Ring Push Ups. Gym ring style push ups take one of the greatest compound exercises - the push-up - to the next level. Push Ups engage all the major muscle groups at once: chest, arms, shoulders, back core, and glutes � it's a total body exercise. Add in the instability of the rings and you go one step further by engaging even more muscles in your chest, core, and shoulders giving you an even greater muscle building effect. If you still haven't tried the ring push up, you have got to today.

    Do this one workout three times a week and you are going to be blown away. Skip the travel to the gym, save the time and you will support your fitness and look and feel great.