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Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings

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The Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar Package by Ultimate Body Press includes our professional quality Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings for a complete home fitness system. The products are built to last, and the variety of possible exercises offer a lifetime of fitness for all experience levels. This is a gym-quality pull-up bar designed for easy installation in your home or commercial building. Our gymnastic rings are made of professional-quality, high-density nylon with a unique wood grain textured finish for extra comfort and grip. The quick adjusting cam buckles and 17 ft nylon strap allows you to easily go between high exercises like pull-ups and low exercises like ring push-ups and chest flies. Using the rings and pull-up bar, you can do body weight rows, tricep extensions, wood chops, reverse lunges, one leg squats, and more! The free-swinging rings engage core muscles as well as the major muscle groups of the upper body for an intense exercises that burn fat and sculpt muscle.
-Heavy-duty steel pull-up bar with padded foam grips

-Professional-quality, high-density nylon rings with a unique wood grain textured finish

-Pull-up bar with parallel grips, mounting hardware, and installation instructions

-2 Gymnastic Rings with 17 foot straps and quick adjusting buckles

Start your home bodyweight gym the right way with a mounted pull up bar. The mounted bar is ready to go any time of day for even the briefest workouts so you can always build on your momentum and progress.

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Product Reviews for Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings4Joseph PowellAugust 1, 2013The unit is definitely built for quality and came with pretty clear instructions. The rings are solid as well and do not give at all, even with all my weight cranking on the unit. There are plenty of ways to use the unit based on your need with the grip options available. The only thing that would be a nice improvement is packaging changes so the foam handles do not come damaged, which was very disappointing. Also the lag bolts are a pain and relatively cheap, it would be nice if they upgraded them to an easier and more reliable method of mounting the unit.
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings5leotheleoNovember 22, 2012As advertised, a versatile pull-up bar, grips are comfortable, and it is sturdily built. The rings are also nice, work different muscle groups, also of good quality.
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings5Richard lattieSeptember 30, 2012I have to say I'm real happy now I don't have to waste no gas looking for a gut or park to work out I just have to open my back door to my bar n ring I feel so much better now I'm back on my work out thank yallll! PS do y'all have a catalog if so can y'all mail me one thank once again :)
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings5JamesJune 5, 2012Great product overall. Would be nice however to be able to take close grip hammers off in order to perform muscleups
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings5Mark AFebruary 22, 2012It installed just like it said. only took about an hour had my friends son help me he has two left hands. We went slow marked the studs pre drilled as per instruction. Have used it on a regular basis with no problems have had a couple or squeaks from the wall but it seems very sturdy and solid. would highly recommend.
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings5brent trobaughApril 9, 2011Very nice piece of equipment....went up with out a problem! Use it every other day great back workout!!
Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings4TonyMarch 20, 2011Honestly this wall mounted pull up bar w/ the rings is one of the best pieces of training equipment I've used. It is well built and the rings are very sturdy. It comes off the wall just enough to be comfortable and the padding on the handles is great. Overall I absolutely love this combo.

Question: what is the space difference between the top and bottom mounting bolts? The mounting platform, what is its dimensions? Thank you, Ron
Answer: The brackets are 9.5 inches long and the holes are 8 inches apart.

Question: Hi, what are the dimensions of the mounting bracket for the wall mount pull up bar? Dimensions for both are obviously the same so what is the dimension (hieght and length) of one of the them? Thank you.
Answer: The brackets are 9.5 inches long and the holes are 8 inches apart. They are spaced at 16 inches apart (center to center)

Question: How far away from the wall is the pull up bar? Inches I will be using this for my personal training gym. How sturdy is this product?
Answer: The pull up bar is 14 inches from the wall. It is designed for home use only.

Question: Hi, I want to get some rings with the bar, but I think I want the push up handles instead of the rings - mostly I intend to do pushups, dips, etc. Do you have a package with this pull up bar and the push up handles?
Answer: We do not have a package with the push up rings and the wall mounted pull up bar. The push up rings have foot loops and a metal hook for hanging while the gym rings just hang by the strap which can work better depending on your set up.

Question: do you ship to saudi?
Answer: Yes, please use our "Contact us" page to get a quote.

Question: is this product available now ,today?
Answer: This product is returning to stock on Aug 5. 2012 Please check back then.

Question: What is the weight capacity of this pull up bar?
Answer: 300 lbs

Question: want to buy but need to be able to do muscle ups. A reviewer says I can't. Please help
Answer: For muscle ups you should choose the Large Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar

Question: How far away from the wall is the pull-up bar located on this product. It's hard to tell on the photo, but it looks like it may be about 20" or so. I don't want to buy one that's too close to the wall.
Answer: 14 inches

Question: How much weight can this hold when installed into standard wooden wall studs?
Answer: The pull up bar can support up to 350 lbs. The gym rings are rated to 350 lbs each.

Question: Are you able to ship to guam zip code 96915 and how much would it be?
Answer: Please use our "Contact us" page to get a shipping quote.

Question: Can the wall mounted pull up bar be used outdoors? I plan on mounting it to the brick wall in my backyard. Thanks.
Answer: This pull up bar and the hardware included is not designed for outside use.

Question: Please tell me the weight capacity of this product. Item #: WMPpkg
Answer: 300 lbs

Question: How wide is the bar itself? From the left grip to the right grip. Thanks!
Answer: 38 inches tip to tip

Question: How exactly do you recomment attaching the rings to the joist-mounted pull-up bar so that (1) the straps can't possibly slip side to side or front to back; and (2) the straps do not damage the soft foam padding on the bar? It would be very useful to include this information both in the installation instructions, and on the website, too, perhaps as a video. Thanks!
Answer: We recommend placing the strap over the pull up bar and the parallel grip. This will keep the strap from sliding ide to side and front to back. It will also keep the grips strap away from the foam as much as possible.

Wall Mount Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings

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