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Master The Vertical Knee Raise And Chest Dip With Your Ultimate Body Press

Although a handful of exercises can be performed with the Ultimate Body Press, the chest dip and vertical knee raise are perhaps the most essential ones. With just a few simple movements in a short amount of time, you'll be able to work your body's most critical muscle areas, and the workout is fun and challenging, so you'll walk away feeling more invigorated than ever before. At, we want you to reap the full benefits of owning a dipping bar, so we've provided the following step-by-step guide to ensure that you know how to perform these pivotal exercises.

1.Stand in the middle of the bar so that the peaks are at your sides.

2.Place one hand on each peak and bend at the knees so that your legs are parallel to the floor. You should be hanging in mid-air, using the bar for support.

3.With your legs still bent, lower yourself into the empty space by bending your arms at the elbows. Your knees should almost touch the floor, and your chest should be about even with the peaks of the bar.

4.Once you've lowered yourself to the right level, simply push down on the bar with your hands to bring yourself up. At this point, you will have completed a single chest dip.

Now, you can add a vertical knee raise to create an even more challenging workout. After you've brought yourself back up from a dip, simply do the following:

5.Extend your knees about 90 degrees outward while keeping the joint locked (i.e., don't bend your legs).

6.Retract your knees.

The chest dip and vertical knee raise are excellent ways to build your core muscles, and if you follow this guide, you'll have no problem getting the strength training that you need. For a crystal clear explanation, you can view our video demonstrations.