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Customer Reviews

This thing rocks! It was a snap to assemble perfectly. I've been able to do incredible tricep dips as well as chest dips. The optional rings take core control to another level. I wish I had this years ago. -Mitch Kompaniez

I have been looking for a dip bar to use at home since I moved and no longer go to a gym. Dips are an essential exercise. This thing is great - easy to assemble and sturdy. I�m very happy with the Ultimate Body Press and the push up straps I bought. -Jack

I just received my Ultimate Body Press - it took all of 5 minutes to assemble - easy as pie with the color coded tabs. I have used it and the first time banged out 3 sets of dips and doing the pull ups with it between sets of dips. I am 6'1' 210 and no problem with range of motion for either exercise. -Steve Bay

I added this easy to use dip machine to my daily routine of floor and weight exercises about 10 months ago. Wow!! At 63 yrs. old I can tell you this thing is fun to use and has made a very visible difference in my overall fitness. -Art Schultz

I've been using my ultimate body press for a little more than 2 months now, all I can say is that I'm glad I purchased it and couldn't be happier. It's sturdy and delivers on all the promises. -Muata Kamdibe