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Get Results With Suspension Training

In gyms and health clubs around the nation, there's a new kind of training that is becoming more and more popular for both men and women wanting to get in shape. Suspension training, the hottest technique right now, is a unique form of exercise that only uses your own body weight and a support system to help you work various muscle groups. The benefit: this type of training advocates working muscles synergistically, rather than in isolation, which means a more well rounded, comprehensive workout. With little equipment to invest in and no weights to worry about, this style of exercise is a must for those who lack the time, the money or the space to accommodate expensive exercise machines that only isolate muscle groups, rather than delivering a full body workout.

At, we encourage new forms of exercise and find that dip stand suspension training is one of the best options for those who want to work multiple muscle groups while saving time on their workouts. One piece of equipment that can help you do that is the Ultimate Body Press dip stand. Just like other pieces of suspension training equipment, the dip bar utilizes only your body weight to exercise your arms, chest, back, and core. Not to mention, it's compact, it's portable, and stores easily, making it an essential for those with busy schedules and small living spaces. Factor in its capability to perform dozens of exercises and you've got a better way to train your body and meet your fitness goals.

Want to make your dip machine even better for suspension workouts? Try adding on the Push Up Rings accessory and continue to push yourself further with more challenging, effective workouts for the chest, back, and arms.

What do you have to lose? Suspension training is a smart alternative to your current fitness plan and can offer you the lean, healthy body you've been working towards. Give it a try and see the results naturally.