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Metaboism, Fat Loss and Burning Fat with Ultimate Body Press

Understanding Fat Loss

Strength training is the healthy and fast method of fat loss that has the additional benefit of getting you in great shape. Designed to benefit athletes, weight lifters, and fitness beginners alike, strength training is the exercise routine you need to spike your metabolism, gain muscle, and burn fat effectively for fat loss results every day. Because muscle tissue is the most metabolically active of all of the tissues in the body, gaining muscle mass allows you to increase your calorie burning capabilities. In a recent study, researchers found that regular training boosts basal metabolic rate by about 15%. Use strength training to turn your body into a fat burning, muscle building machine.

Your Metabolism Burns Fat

Your metabolism works for you in two ways. Yes, your metabolism burns fat better as you build muscle mass (and a improves your appearance and functional performance) but the simple act of engaging multiple muscle groups in what are called compound exercises triggers you metabolism to act NOW - regardless of how much muscle you have. Do 10 squats every time you walk into your kitchen for three days and you will learn to feel how your body feels when your metabolism is activated. Add in compound exercises with a Dip Bar and a Pull Up Bar in your home to add real fitness into your daily life easily. With a Dip Bar out in your house you can do a few assisted Dips with one or both feet on the ground a few times a day. Even if you only do a few you will feel a result and that is where real fat burning progress begins. With quality gear at home and exercises that you love to do, you will transform you body into a metabolically active and extremely efficient fat burning machine. You will look and feel great too.

Change your thinking for Extreme Fat Loss

Ultimate Body Press offers a complete exercise system that delivers results through strength training workouts without the cost of expensive machines and it's time to alter your thinking...

  • The jump rope amps a metabolism just as well as an elliptical and is much more fun to use...
  • The sand bag is the only weight you need to burn fat...
  • The dip bar sculpts the upper body fast...
  • Assisted pull ups with Push Up Rings lets everyone - even beginners - do pull ups in full sets.

Extreme Fat Burning Gear

We provide affordable top quality gear and free training designed by athletes and fitness pros who understand that daily exercise in the home is the only way for real people to achieve healthy fitness and burn fat. Let's face it, if the gym worked for you, you would have already reached your health and fitness goals for fat loss. Ultimate Body Press gets you there in the time it takes just to get to the gym. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar is the next generation in muscle building exercise equipment designed around the latest compound exercise research and it's the right place to start. Add in push up rings if you want to learn a new level of comfort and challenge for push ups and expand your dip bar workouts with the body weight row - the easy way to engage all the same muscles as the pull up. Fat Loss happens fast when you sculpt your Abs, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and more and the Ultimate Body Press gives you everything you need - tailored for beginners, professionals, athletes and more. Get serious about burning fat the healthy way - begin with Ultimate Body Press today.

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