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Tips For Speed Training Drills

Does your workout include speed training drills? If you're an athlete or play sports recreationally, strength training and endurance training are certainly useful, but your game can probably benefit from increased speed, footwork and motor control. It's easy to add some exercises to your regimen focused on improving your quickness. These speed training drills are a great way to get an extra edge on the competition.

Speed training drills can be high-impact, intense exercises. If you aren't already in a state of general fitness, spend a few months getting in shape before moving onto speed training. If you can't run at a steady pace for 20-30 minutes, work up to that goal before attempting any sprint workouts.

Jump Rope: A great cardio workout, skipping rope also develops foot strength, which is vital to speed training drills. Use a weighty, durable rope like Ultimate Body Press's adjustable speed rope for maximum effect. Work up to about 25 jumps per rep and take a brief rest before the next rep.

Jog: Before sprinting, warm up with a jog and your normal stretches. Jogging is also an effective cool down when your workout is complete.

When attempting speed training drills, it's important to take a rest between each set. Do about 5 reps and run as fast as you can. Know your limits; overdoing it can lead to an injury, but taking it easy won't be effective. Start with 10 meter sprints and work up from there.

For more great speed and agility exercises, check out Ultimate Body Press's videos page. We show you great ways to use our products and exercises that you can incorporate into your daily workout regimen. When planning your speed training drills, remember the adjustable speed rope and the other products at Ultimate Body Press.