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Sandbag Workout - Pyramid Burnout Circuit


I hope guys you are ready for this next workout. It’s gonna work every single of your muscle in your body. It gonna help burn fat. It gonna build muscles. Its gonna be all explosive movements. All you need is your Ultimate Body Press sandbag, we have our Dip Station, and we’re gonna use our body to burn it out. We’re doing this Descending Pyramid workout. One of my favorite ways to workout. We’re gonna start 8 reps for each exercise, 4 exercise. We’re gonna do 8 reps, down to 7, down to 6, down to 5 with no breaks or whatsoever. Get ready. Bring your water and let’s get to work.

First exercise we’re gonna do, we have our Ultimate body Press sandbag. Gonna grab the handles of the sandbag from the outside and put it over on the top of your head onto your shoulders and then do squats. We’re not doing any squats, we’re doing jump squats. See I wanna see you engage your core, you wanna take a seat back, drop your hips, ?? seat the chair, back on the heels and explode up! Right back down and land nice and softly we’re doing for 8 reps. Make sure you keep your core as engage as possible throughout these movement and really drive thru the heels and land soft. That’s your first exercise. Once you get your 8 reps down on that. We’re moving right into Jump Lunges and don’t even take the sandbag off to your shoulders. We’re gonna lunge down, into another lunge..just like that. So if you wanna see it from the side. We’re here, we gonna lunge down, make sure you knee is not over your toe. Jump up and land soft. And then go 8 times for per leg and we'r’ gonna take our sandbag off your shoulders. And then we’re gonna do Crazy Style Burpee.

Check this one out. We’re gonna go into burpee, explode up. So your hands are touching right into your feet. And then you gonna grab the bar and then do one knee up. Back into the burpee, explode up, up to the knee up and then burpee 8 times. Then we’re gonna move into our last exercise which is the Tricep Dips. And go on to your dip station and keep your elbows in, you gonna descend down, keep your elbows pointed back. Press up to back up again. Make sure to keep up your core engaged and breathe throughout 8 reps. So we’re gonna through one ?? for 8 reps, and then we’re gonna go for 7, and 6, and 5, all the way to one and then your work done. Let’s start of with the jump squats sandbag on your shoulders. Let’s go, 8 reps. One! Two! Back on your heels guys.. Three! Explode up. Four! Five! Keep looking up. Six! Seven! Eight! You’re gonna feel that ??? your legs, everywhere. No breaks right in to jump lunges. One! Two! Three! Do it from the side. Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Send it off your shoulders, right into that crazy form of burpee. Up! Knee up!. Good Job! One!.....Two!.....Three! …Four!.....Five!....... Six!.....Seven! ……..Eight! Good job! Right into the dips. ??? … Seven! Eight! So it work , that is one circuit. Take 30 seconds between each, you’re now move on to 7 reps, then to 6, then to 5, to 4 all the way down to 1 and you are done. If this is too difficult with the squats, don’t do the job. Just do the typical squat, and up. Same thing lunge, lunge back, lunge back work in lunge forward. And then for burpee, you don’t need that power jump. Just do this, back up and do knee up. I wanna make sure you’d be fine on workout and suit on your fitness level. Stay with ???You guys gonna love the result you get.