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Lower Body Sandbag Workout - 300 Rep Challenge


Ladies and gentlemen, I am your lower body workout crew for today. This is 300 rep challenge descending pyramid style. Grab your sandbag and let’s get to work after the break.

Hey guys welcome to Live Lean Ultimate Body Press workout page. I'm Brad , your host, and on this workout were doing lower body style descending pyramid. This is the 300 rep challenge. You guys ready for this? All you need for this workout is your Ultimate Body Press sandbagas you see in the floor. We’re gonna do jump squats – 5 Reps, Side Lateral lunges – 5 Reps per leg, and we’ll do a clean and press for 5 reps, finally we’re to jump lunges for 5 reps then we’re moving down to 4 reps, then down to 3 reps, the 2 reps, down to 1 rep. That is just 1 round. We’re gonna repeat that 5 times, for 300 rep challenge.

Alright we put this down. Lets take our shirts off and let’s get to work. 300 Reps Challenge. Alright, take your sandbag. Up on your shoulders like this and we’re doing 5 jump squats. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Okay, now we’re on the side lateral lunges. Get a wider stands, squat down! one! One! We’re gonna feel this in the inner thigh. Two! Two! Ladies, you’re gonna love this one. Guys you’re gonna this one on your leads. Three! Guess what.. Guys you need knees workout on yourself. Four! Four! Five and Five! Alright, right into clean and press. Drop your sandbag down. Bend down and pull it up and press over the heels up on your tip toes in one motion. That’s one! Up on toes! Two! Full body work here. That’s three! Four! Five! Good job! Back up on your neck again. Final exercise Jump lunges. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Good! We’re now moving on the 4 Reps. Right again, right into jump squats. One! Two! Three! Four! Side lateral Langes. Here we go. One! One! Two! Two! Your heart rate are going up right now. You guys are crazy. Four and four. Alright. To that clean and press. Up on your tip and toes. One! Two! Up on your head. Three! And four back on your neck. Let’s jump on ??? Four times! One! Two! Three! Four! Let’s go! Gotta three 3 reps jump squats back up. One! Your legs gonna get fire! Three! Side lateral lunges. Keep it going guys. One! One! Two! Two! Three! Three! Clean and press for three. Over your head. Tip and toes. One! Two! You guys are doing awesome. Keep it going. Three! Back right on your neck. Jump lunges for three. Keep it going. One! Two! Three! Whoah! Get your body two more rounds. Jump squats. One Two! Side lateral lunges. One! One! Two! Two! Clean and press. Tips and toes. One! Make sure you’re doing toes. Two! And jump lunges for two. One! Two! Alright keep this going. Last one. Make this one cunt. Jump squat. One! Lateral lunges. One! One! Clean and press. Tip and toes. One! And finish this up. Let’s do lunges per leg. One! One! You work all guys that’s only for one round. This is a 300 rep challenge. You have four, four more to go and then you guys are done. Grab water between. Take around 50 seconds rest. Get ready back into it.. Five, Four, Three, Two, One.

This is Live Lean descending pyramid 300 rep challenge for your lower body. It is for you guys, you girls looking to build muscles and get lean to burn off that fat. So if you get this work and make sure you like this video, subscribe to our Youtube channel. Click over here if you see rectangle more workouts. Of course like us on Facebook. And to pick up your Ultimate Body Press sandbag. Go to