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sandbag exercise shouldering

Exercise Type: Full Body
Repetitions: 6-8 on each side

1. Stand tall with the sandbag lying on the floor vertically between your feet.
2. Feet should be just beyond shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out in a sumo squat stance.
3. Keeping a good body position (lower back arched, weight on heels) having a slight bend in the knees, bend at the hips scooping your fingers around the middle of the sandbag.
4. As you extend back to standing draw the sandbag to support it on a shoulder.
5. Draw the sandbag back off your shoulder, bending at the hips (slight bend in the knees) until it's lying on the ground. Don't let go as you're doing your reps, but repeat steps 4 & 5, alternating between shoulders until you are finished, then release the sandbag.