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sandbag exercise lunge
This movement trains strength, stability, range of motion and power.

Exercise Type: Lower Body & Core
Repetitions: 16-24 total (or 8-12 on each side)


1. Stand tall with the sandbag draped across your neck and shoulders while holding onto the outside handles or front parallel handles.
2. Feet should be in line with your hips in a neutral stance.
3. Take a giant step forward with one leg. Once you place it on the ground make sure you have solid footing.
4. Using your forward leg begin to lower down in a controlled manner, bending the knee forward. Bend your knee towards the ground. Make sure not to bang if on the ground, but keep it hovering at least an inch off the floor.
5. Hold this stance for 1-5 seconds for an active stretch, strength-endurance exercise. Or for the purpose of developing power don't take any extra time at the bottom of the lunge.
6a. (If you have enough space to do walking lunges) Pushing with your back foot, launch your body upwards and forwards to take a standing position over your front foot.
6b. (If you are doing stationary lunges) Pushing with your front foot, launch your body upwards and backwards to take a standing position over your back foot.
7. At the top of the movement your hips should be pushed forward and glutes (rear) should be tucked under to complete the full range of motion.

Technique tips: The forward leg should bare most of the weight on this exercise, the back leg will bare some but it should be used more for support and stability. For the duration of this movement make sure to keep your chest tall and keeping your pelvis neutral (do not lean your torso forward or have an excessive arch in our lower back.)