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sandbag exercise - burpee

This is an excellent move to work on coordination and cardio. It will definitely get your heart rate going and break into a serious sweat.

Exercise Type: Full body
Repetitions: 12-20


1. Stand tall while holding the sandbag horizontally to your stomach.
2. You can either have a neutral stance (feet closer together) or a sumo stance (feet just beyond shoulder width toes slightly pointed out). I suggest the neutral stance for more flexible people, and a sumo stance for those who need additional back support.
3. Keeping a good body position (lower back arched, weight on heels), bend at the knees while bending at the waist as you push your rear back.
4. Set the sandbag on the ground close to your feet, continuing to hold on to the top handles, while shifting your weight to your toes.
5. Keep your shoulders over your hands to support your body weight as you jump your feet back straight behind you into a plank (straight body supported) position.
6. From your supported plank position make sure your shoulders are still over your hands (even maybe a bit beyond them towards your head for the mores seasoned exercise enthusiast). Jump both feet forward up to the sandbag getting your body weight back on your feel.
7. As you push back to standing position flip the sandbag up to rest on your upper chest and in the crook of your arms.

If jumping your feet back (in step 5) is not yet for you, you can digress the exercise by stepping one foot back at a time and stepping them forward one at a time (for step 6).

Alternate Exercises:
To progress the movement to the next level you could add a push-up between steps 5 & 6. You can also add an overhead press after step 7, pressing the sandbag overhead, then coming back down to rest on your upper chest and in the crook of your arms before starting your next repetition.