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2. Wall Exercise

running wall exercise
Speed and Agility: Stage 2

This is the next application of the Stationary March, but instead of standing up straight you start from a forward leaning position. Now using the march motion you can mimic the acceleration phase of running. We are breaking down the phases of running and practicing them individually. The Stationary March is the full speed phase and the wall exercise is the acceleration phase. Distance Running for Speed and Agility also requires that you run with a slight forward lean while maintaining a straight body line so this drill helps you get a feel for that position. It is a more advanced exercise so the elements of posture and ankle flexion become even more important in this exercise.

Keeping a straight body line is very important during the Wall Exercise. This is challenging than with the Stationary March so you will develop more strength in your lower back and abdominals. Remember to breath smoothly while you do this exercise.

Repetitions: 10-20


1. Lean against a wall keeping your arms straight against the wall.
2. Focus on your posture to keep your body line straight.
3. Engage you core by sucking in your stomach. Keep it held in through out the exercise.
4. Tuck your hips underneath you by flexing your gluteal muscles.
5. Start with one knee up, ankle flexed.(Pull up with your toes)
6. Begin by lowering your knee and placing your foot down slightly behind your support foot.
7. Quickly drive your knee back up with your ankle flexed and your foot passing close to your support knee.
8. Continue the exercise on the same leg.

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