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3. Arm Action

coordination arm exercise

Arm Action Drills not only teach you the correct arm swing motion, they also teach you how to use your adbominal muscles to stabalize your upper body. By practicing your arm swing from a stationary position you will learn to maintain a strong core position and breath smoothly so you can effectively connect the action of your arms the with your lower body for smooth and efficient running. The drill can be done in either sitting or standing position.

Duration: 20-30 seconds


1. Stand or sit with you feet shoulder width apart.
2. Engage your core by sucking in your stomach and keep it held in through out the exercise.
3. Move your center of balance off your heels and towards the middle of your feet. (Standing only)
4. Tuck your hips underneath you by flexing your gluteal muscles.(Standing only)
5. With your arms bent at 90 degrees perform a strong and full arm swing.
6. Your hands should be relaxed moving from beside your hips up to your cheekbones and do not cross the body.
7. Keep you shoulders back and relaxed and drive your elbows back vigorously.
8. Focus on keeping your head and eyes level.

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