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Resistance Bands Reclaiming Past Glory

Resistance Band Contest Entry

I have grown disgusted with myself. I was once a well toned athletic man, able to play a given sport for hours on end. Even after sustaining a severe knee injury, I was capable of holding my own due to my fitness level. As I have gotten older, I have found it difficult to be able to devote the same amount of time to my personal fitness. Making my way to a gym is often not possible due to a hectic work and family schedule. Resistance bands are exactly what someone like me is looking for.

The resistance band offers the convenience to be able to work out at home while providing the same top level workout experience found in most of the costly, elite gyms you here so much about. I KNOW I would be able to put the resistance bands to use on a near daily basis, and regain the confidence I once had on the court, on the field, or at the beach. I thank you for the opportunity to reach that supreme plateau again.