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Resistance Bands for A Future Equestrian Star

Wow , just hit your site and it amazed me! This is just what I been needing to help train my daughter and her team with resistance bands. My daughter Dominique is a horse vaulter,she is 6yrs old she started horse vaulting at the age of 3. She has now moved up from walk to trot and needs to mount the horse on her own, while running along the side of the horse.

The horse is Joey is 18.4 hands high, not sure what that converts into inch, but he's a huge Belgian. Dominique is the youngest on her team Harbor View Vaulters. So with your resistance bands system I believe that it would improve her vertical jump and upper body strengh, which she needs! Once she jumps up to the handles he then does this side ways spider crawl the rest of the way up :)It is pretty amazing to watch! Right now she is the only one who is being boosted to the handles, and she is struggling with that so resistance bands will help. And I know the rest of the team would benefit with the many new and different ways of training using resistance bands also. In this sport you can go till you cant go any more, the world champions are both in their thirty's.

I'm doing my best to give my daughter all the support and love that I can. So when she's struggling I do my best to encourage and find ways so she can overcome the obstacles that are in her way to become stronger physically and mentally.