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Tired of Traditional Push Ups? Try Our Push Up Rings.

As far as physical fitness goes, push ups are elementary. Along with their sister exercises (sit ups) push ups help to strengthen key parts of the upper body, and they are simply indispensable when it comes to one's physical well-being. However, when doing them, one is somewhat limited by the stationary position of his or her hands. Fortunately, if you'd like to get more out of your push up sessions, we at have excellent news: our dip stand can be expanded to include push up rings, which will give you a more invigorating upper body workout than ever.

If you've visited our site before, then you probably know about the massive benefits of our dipping bar. A simple piece of home fitness equipment that is easy to assemble and transport, the Ultimate Body Press dip stand is designed to work key muscle groups through just a handful of exercises, and it can do this in as little as ten minutes per day. In just one pass, the chest dips and knee raises can create a fun and challenging workout that works many muscles in a short amount of time.

The push up rings, which are sold separately, can be attached to the dipping bar for an even more intense workout. This accessory will allow you to do gymnast-style push ups with you dip stand right in your living room, and the benefits will be even greater than those of traditional push ups. Your hands will be free to move in any direction, allowing many different muscle groups to work together.

The dipping bar and push up rings are sold separately, but we also offer a package deal that will save you $60 off of the retail price, and we'll ship the push up rings for free, saving you an additional $8.95. The benefits are massive, and the price is fantastic, so stop by and place an order today!