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Pull up Dip Station Workout Exerise 1 - Pull Ups

The first exercise in your pull up dip station workout is the pull up. With your doorway pull up bar in place, grab the handles and do some pull ups. If you are over six feet tall, you may have to bend your knees in order to do pull ups with full range of motion on a doorway pull up bar. You can choose which ever hand position you like, but make sure to vary them from workout to workout.

A narrow grip on the pull up bar will focus resistance on your biceps and you middle back. A wide grip will focus resistance on the outer latisimus. A wide grip is also a little more difficult so you may want to begin with the narrow grip until you have the strength for the wide grip. If you cannot complete all ten repetitions, use your legs to jump up to the bar then use your arms to resist gravity as you lower yourself as slowly as possible.

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