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Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZPull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZPull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZPull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZPull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZ
Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZ
Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZ

Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings SAVE $120

Australia:Ships in 1-3 business days
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Price: $250.00
Sale Price: $124.99

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Choose the Full Package "Power Tower" Set and you get the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar, Push-up Rings and the Doorway Pull Up Bar.

Working out with these signature Ultimate Body Press products is fun because itís so rewarding. Each exercise is so effective at building muscle that you are constantly rewarded with new strength you can see and feel.

Want to hit 300 yard drives? No problem. Huge bench press? Got it. Ripped, cut whatever you are going for, these exercises feel great and the products are so compact you can workout anywhere. Try this routine below for serious strength gains.

The Advanced Workout: Pull ups, Dips, Body weight Rows, Ring Push-ups, One-arm Body Weight Rows, Ring Chest Flies, Ring Dips

The Beginner Workout: Even if itís just been a while since you last had a regular routine, the Dip Stand, Doorway Pull Up Bar and Push Up Rings Package is perfect for you because each product has a progression of exercises that range from easy to advanced.

You can begin with exercises like Modified Pull Ups using the Pull Up bar and Push Up Rings or Assisted Dips using the Dip Machine. These are less strenuous exercises that mimic the more difficult ones. This is the perfect place to start so you can build strength safely. There are so many exercise option for you to choose from you will continue to feel challenged and continue to be rewarded for your efforts.

1 - Dip Bar

1 - New Improved Push up Rings

1 - Pull up Bar

Product Reviews for Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZ

Question: When will this be available?
Answer: On or before October 14 2011.

Question: When will this product be available to ship to Australia
Answer: On or before October 14 2011.

Question: Can I get this product in Australia and When will it be available? Or can I order it from the US?
Answer: The Pull Up Bar Dip Station Package will be available on or before October 14.

Question: Hi I am interested in this package, how much will it cost to ship to Australia? How long will it take? Thanks
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply". You only have to enter your country and postal code. You will not be asked to enter payment information or even your email address. If you have any more questions about shipping rates please email us using our "Contact us" page.

Question: how does it attach on the door?
Answer: The Pull Up Bar hangs from your doors trim, no tools required. It works because it redirects you body's downward force laterally into the strongest part of the door.

Question: When will you have availability again
Answer: April 1.

Question: Hi when would this package deal be available for New Zealand purchase option?
Answer: This will not be available until April 1 because we are out of Push Up Rings. We recommend you purchase the other items separately to avoid delay.

Question: when will this be available for australia?
Answer: April 15

Question: this produce was ment to be available on the 14th to australia but it's still saying coming soon. just wondering how to order it?
Answer: Some items in this package have been delayed. Please check back on April 20.

Question: Apologies if you have been asked this question a million times, but will the pull-up bar leave marks when it's detached from the door trims? I assume it can be easily detached as well? Cheers.
Answer: It can be detached easily. Over time it is possible that the pull up bar will leave marks but it depends on your door trim.

Question: Hi, when will this package be back in stock please? I see previous answers mentioning April 1st but unsure if this refers to 2013 or not.
Answer: We do not have a date at this time.

Question: When will this product be available to order? Am I able to preorder and wait for stock to come in?
Answer: We do not have a restock date at this time. We recommend you purchase the Dip Bar package and purchase a pull up bar separately.

Question: because your out of stock for Australia - how else am i to pick up one of these products ASAP im after the FULLPKG.
Answer: I reccommend purchasing the Dip Bar Package and them buy a another doorway pull up bar from a retail store.

Question: Hi there Im living in australia and would love to purchase these products but you are (out of stock) do you have any ideas when these items will be available ..thanks
Answer: These items will be available on July 1.

Question: Hi can you let me know when this product is on stock?
Answer: This is available now.

Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings- Australia & NZ