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Pull Up Bar Assembly

Door way Pull Up Bar Assembly Instructions

pull up bar assemblyAssembling the Ultimate Body Press pull up bar is easy and will only take a few minutes to do using the tools provided with your pull up bar.

Step 1: Remove all the pull up bar parts from the box and the plastic wrapping. Make sure you have all the pull up bar parts listed in the instructions. There should be two curved bars, two pieces of the straight bar, one plastic bar, two short bolts, 2 medium length bolts, two long bolts, four spring washers, four acorn nuts, a wrench and an allen key.

Step 2: Attach the two straight bars (parts two and three) using the two short bolts (parts five). Tighten the short bolts using the allen key (part eleven).

Step 3: Secure the plastic bar of the pull up bar (part four) to the two curved bar (parts one) using the medium length bolts (parts six), spring washers (parts eight) and the acorn nuts (parts nine). Use the wrench (part 10) provided and the allen key to tighten the bolts.

Step 4 Attach the curved bar and plastic bar assembly to the straight bar assembly using the long bolts (parts 7) spring washers and acorn nut.

Step 5: Make sure all the bolts of the pull up bar are securely tightened.

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