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Pull Up Bar AMRAP Workout


I hope you guys are ready for this Pull Up Bar AMRAP Workout As many reps as possible. For 15 minutes were gonna be heating our upper body, Its for you guys, you girls, and those who build muscles, and burn fats at home. Stay tune. Welcome to Live Lean Ultimate body Press. Im Brad and I am your host. In this workout it is 15 minutes. Were gonna do Pull Ups for 30 seconds, Push Ups for 30 seconds. Sandbag Upright Rows 30 seconds, and then Tricep Dips for 30 seconds. Youre gonna have 15 seconds break in between each exercise. Well this is AMRAP which means as many reps as possible with good form. Were gonna be burning fat. With this were building muscle. So were gonna get buzzer. So were gonna get started. Make sure you count your reps because you need to keep record each round. So lets get started. Take your shirts off. Were at home. Lets go. Lets take it work. Pull ups on thePull Up Bar , start. One! All the way down. Two! Three! And if you cant keep going for 30 seconds. Stop! You just hang like this. And then go again. Five! Six! Seven! All the way up. (BEEP). Alright, good job guys. Take your 15 seconds break and record your reps. I think that goes twelve. Guess what well right down twelve reps. When your beeper goes off, were moving right in push-ups. Here we go, 30 seconds. Keep on going guys. Push ups. One! Two! Three! Make sure you keep your form guys, keep that back flat. Keep breathin. Keep that core tight and really engage the chest to work out. And try keep calm, I think I forgot but..I think were fifteen! Sixteen! Seventeen! Whoa! Make sure you write it down. Thats 15 ??. which gonna be sweaty to wrote. Next exercise upright ultimate body press sandbag rows. Here we go. Chest out, elbows inside, and up. My sand bag right now, 3-4 pounds sand. So were gonna be heating our ???. And we gonna get nice ???? Like one that I have. Five! Six! ....Eight! Nine! Keep it going guys were gonna break after next workout. That goes 10. Once I review the video Im probably out ???? That is 10 reps. Tricep dips! Wait for the buzzer.. (beep) Lets go! One! Two! Three! Make sure you keep those elbows back. You lean, you fire up those tricep muscles. The triceps is a leaner muscle of your bicep so you really wanna get the tone, the bigger arms. Work your triceps form. And if you need to take a break, step up, take a break. Take two breaths, and get back in it. (Beep) Here we go. And I told youll lost ??? I dont know, Id say 15 reps for that. Well write it down. Fifteen. So through this 4 exercises again, try to be the many reps you get the first time. You want to improve it as it goes.

Thank you all for joining me on this AMRAP video workout, once again I'm Brad, your host, from Live Lean, the host of Ultimate Body Press channel. If you enjoy this video, theres gonna be lot more coming . Click here for our previous workout video that we have done. Also subscribe on our Youtube channel. Like us on facebook. And pick up your own Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar equipment at Work out with me. Lets get lean.