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Resistance Bands Look Like Children's Toys

Resistance Band Contests Entry

While these colorful resistance bands look like a children's play toy, they definitely are not. These resistance bands are capable of giving you the best workouts of your life. These bands can do many things that you cannot do with traditional weights. Such as sport specific movements which would be down right dangerous with a traditional weight.

Another plus about these resistance bands is that the resistance gets harder at the top of your exercise leaving you with a hardcore pump, where as a traditional weights will keep the workload the same throughout the movement. If you seek to rehab an injury these exercise bands are a must just ask any knowledgeable chiropractor what these bands can do for you. Never be without a gym, with this simple, but effective tool you can do almost any exercise that you can do at the gym. Portability is not an issue with resistance bands. You can practically bring them anywhere and if you have a door or a pole to wrap them around you have a gym. There is a good reason why even pro athletes use them. This is such a