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Jump Rope for Speed and Agility

Jump Rope for Speed and Agility
Converting strength into speed.

Power is the time it takes for strength to be converted into speed. Skipping rope improves your capacity to convert strength to speed by optimizing the mind and body's reflexive ability for athletic movements far exceeding what strength alone can provide.

Give yourself a head start -- learn to "skip".

It may be called a jump rope, but the most important thing you can do with it is learn to skip. Skipping rope is the best agility exercise because you learn to move freely from one foot to the other with great speed and precision.


Beginners - First practice foot patterns without the jump rope.

Basic Skip - With slow rope speed use one foot to bounce twice then jump over the rope and repeat with the other foot. The resting foot should remain low and relaxed. This pattern is the base of all jump rope exercises because the pace is a nice easy rhythm that allows you to rest.

Power Exercises - Increase rope speed and only bounce once between rotations.

Example: Sprint - Move your foot in a line straight up beneath you while moving your knee forward and up in front of you. Doing this without a rope would look very similar to marching in place.

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Skipping Rope and Playing Music -- Music involves a surprising amount of foot work. Skipping rope improves rhythm, timing and footwork especially for instruments like the drums, guitar and the piano.

Skipping Rope and Golf - A critical part of the golf swing is moving your body weight from one foot to the other as the club swings around your body. Skipping rope gives you great control over that change of support movement. Also known as balance.

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