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Simple Exercises For Effective Jump Rope Workouts

Jumping rope is not just a playground game; it's a great cardiac workout that's easy and fast. Jump rope workouts are also ideal for developing foot strength, speed and general motor control. Which is why Ultimate Body Press created the Adjustable Speed Rope. Heavier and more durable than a simple toy store jump rope, the speed rope features foam-grip handles for comfort and an adjustable length-cord to accommodate any height. Limit yourself to about 25 jumps per rep, with a brief rest between reps.

Start your jump rope workouts with the rope handles at your sides and the middle of the rope at your feet. With the rope behind you, swing the rope over your head while moving your hands forward. Jump over the rope with both feet together.

To get the most out of your jump rope workouts, try these exercises:

Jog-Step: Instead of keeping both feet together as you jump, switch your feet back and forth, in a jogging motion.

Twist Jump: twist your lower body side-to-side as you jump.

Criss-Cross: After jumping over the rope, bring your left arm over to the right and then bring it back.

Double Under: Try to swing the rope under your feet twice for every jump you make.

One-Legged Jumps: Alternate each leg in a series of 10-12 jumps.

Other fun jump rope workouts include trying to jump a specific distance forward every time you jump over the rope. No matter what specific exercise you do, the trick to getting in shape is persistence and consistency. Incorporating the jump rope into an Ultimate Body Press workout can keep you disciplined and focused and provide the maximum effect for your effort. Try the adjustable speed rope or any of the other home fitness products from Ultimate Body Press and jump start your exercise regimen.