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Jump Rope for Speed and Agility

Itís fun AND it can turn you into a Badass

Not only is the jump rope a fun way to exercise that you can do almost anywhere, it is also used by many top athletes with the best footwork in the world. Take boxers for example. Why do you always see boxers jumping rope? They do it because it physically conditions their bodies to be quick and explosive off the ground. So itís fun AND it can turn you into a badass.

The first lesson to learn is that although you may have been taught to jump rope by hopping over the rope with both feet at the same time, that is by no means the most important part of jumping rope for speed and agility. You never see boxers hopping over the rope with both feet at the same time. Well, you do see them do it now and then, but it is just not nearly as important as learning the alternating foot pattern that is the base of the boxer's jump rope workout.

What makes jumping rope a incredible speed and agility workout is to practice moving from one foot to the other quickly while skipping. This is what jumping rope is all about: moving your body weight around and feeling it on the ball of your foot as you go from foot to foot. This simple act turns a regular jump rope into something used by top level athletes. And it is no accident that this is also what makes it more fun.

Jump Rope Interval Workout

This workout mimics the way a boxing match works, alternating between high intensity rounds and low intensity rest periods. One minute on, one minute off. You can change the movements or the time interval, but thatís it. Start out with 30 second intervals and work your way up.

Workout Summary

Exercises: 2
Duration: 10-20 Minutes
Time Intervals: 30 Seconds - 1 Minute

1. Basic Skip
2. Sprint
3. Repeat