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Site Map
All Products - All ProductsThe Original Dip Bar by Ultimate Body Press - The Original Dip Bar Fitness StationWall Mounted Dip Station - Wall Mounted Dip and Vertical Knee Raise StationAdjustable Width Doorway Pull Up Bar - Adjustable Width Doorway Pull Up Bar.New Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar - Save 40%! - New Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar - Save 40%Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Easy InstallationJoist Mount Pull Up Bar 26" Parallel Grip Spacing - Joist Mount Pull Up Bar with 26" Parallel Grip SpacingJoist Mounted Pull Up Bar - 19" Parallel Grip Spacing - Joist Mount Pull Up Bar with 19" Parallel Grip Spacing New Full Size Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar - Save 50%! - New Full Size Wall Mount Pull Up Bar - Save 50%! Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar with Ergonomic Bar - Save 40%! - Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar
with Ergonomic Bar Save 40%!
Pull Up Bar - Wall or Ceiling MountedOutdoor Pull Up Bar - Ergonomic - Outdoor Pull Up Bar - Ergonomic 4ft BarOutdoor Pull Up Bar - Long - Outdoor Pull Up Bar - Long 4 ft BarOutdoor Pull Up Bar - Short - Outdoor Pull Up Bar - 18" SpacerPush-up Rings Accessory - Push Up Rings - All New Improved DesignParallettesAb Wheels - Ab WheelsBuy 1 Get 1 Free! Dip Belt & Core Strength Accessory Pack - Weighted Dip Belt & Agility Pack Buy 1 Get 1 Free!Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Fast Abs Pack Agility Trainer - Fast Abs Pack Agility Trainer Buy 1 Get 1 Free!Exercise Sandbag: Small - Ultimate Exercise Sandbag - SmallLarge Exercise Sandbag - Large Exercise Sandbag - Advanced Strength/PowerAb Straps - Ab Straps Pull Up Bar AccessoryIndian Clubs - 1lb - Indian Clubs - 1lbIndian Clubs - 2 lbs - Indian Clubs - 2 lbsGymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance! - Gymnastic Rings - New Look and Improved Performance!Wood Gymnastic Rings - Premium Wood Gymnastic Rings - New!Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series - Kailo Home Fitness DVD Series - Now 35% OffAdjustable Speed Rope - Adjustable Speed Rope Balance Ball - Balance Ball Stability Trainer - 40% Off RetailBuy 1 Get 1 Free! Exercise Resistance Bands - Exercise Resistance Bands Buy 1 Get 1 Free!Ultimate Body Press Performance HatTri-Blend Womens Performance T-ShirtTri-Blend Mens Performance T-ShirtDip Bar & Push Up Ring Package - Dip Bar & Push Up Ring Package - SAVE OVER $100Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings - Pull Up Bar, Dip Station & Rings - SAVE $120Complete Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package - Kailo DVD and Home Gym Package - SAVE 35%Dynamic Strength Package - Dynamic Strength Package SAVE OVER $100Fast Abs Accelerator Package - New! Fast Abs Accelerator PackagePull-up Package - Pull-Up Package Deal!! Over $50 Off RetailWall Mounted Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings - Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic RingsJoist Mounted Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic Rings - Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar and Gymnastic RingsUltimate Training Videos - Ultimate Training Videos with Brad Gouthro and More!ContactPrivacy PolicyAbout UsDip Stand - Pull Up Bar Workout System ArticlesDip Bar, Dip Station, Dip Stand, Dip Machine ArticlesOrigins of the Dip Stand by Ultimate Body Press - History of the Dip Station from Ultimate Body PressWays To Use Your Home Dip Machine - How to Use Your Portable Dip MachineDive into Fitness with The Ultimate Dipping Bar - The Ultimate Power of the Original Dip StandDip Exercises Explained - Versatile & Portable Dip Machine from Ultimate Body PressUltimate Body Press: The Best Free Standing Dip Bar - Free-Standing Dip Station for Maximum FlexibilityGo Anywhere With The Ultimate Body Press Portable Dip StandStay Fit With Dip Bar ExercisesHome Dip Stand Workout Routines To Use With Your Ultimate Body Press Dip StationTired of Traditional Push Ups? Try Our Push Up Rings.The Best Tricep Machines and ExercisesDip Exercises To Strengthen Your Chest, Triceps and BackGet In Shape with Home Strength Training VideosGet Results With Suspension Training Boost Your Workouts With Dip Station Workout Videos And TipsWork Your Upper Body With A Dip MachineThe 3 D's of Fitness: Diet, Determination, and Dip StandsUsing A Dip Station And Other Tips For A Slimmer YouMetaboism, Fat Loss and Burning Fat with Ultimate Body PressThe Best Ergonomic Workout MachineHone Your Strength With A Dip Bar StandThe Keys to Fitness Success Are Consistency and IntensityWhy is an Ultimate Body Press Dip Station right for you? - Dip Machine workout blended with Speed and Agility.A New Kind of Dip MachineOther Uses for a Dip stand Dip Station LifestyleFree Standing Dip StationDip Stand InstructionsDip Bar BasicsDip Station Sandbag Strength and Fat Burning WorkoutPull Up Bar, Chin up Bar, Pull Up Station ArticlesWork Out With Pull Up Bar Exercises From UltimateBodyPress.comWork Out Anywhere With the Ultimate Body Press Pull Up BarPull up Dip Station Workout IntroductionPull up Dip Station Workout Exerise 1 - Pull UpsPull up Dip Station Workout - Exerise 2 - DipsPull up Dip Station Workout - Exerise 3 - Body Weight RowsPull up Dip Station Workout - Exerise 4 - Push UpsPull up Dip Station Workout - Final ThoughtsHow come the Doorway Pull Up Bar has become so popular?Pull Up Bar AssemblyPull Up Bar And Shoulder Pain Mom Wants Pull up BarJoist Mounted Pull Up Bar InstructionsWall Mounted Pull Up Bar InstructionsPull Up Bar AMRAP WorkoutMiscellaneous ArticlesJump Rope for Speed and AgilityJumping Rope is Music to My EarsTips For Speed Training DrillsSimple Exercises For Effective Jump Rope WorkoutsFive Reasons To Use Push Up Stands In Your WorkoutGet Fit, Chiseled And Toned With Bodybuilding WorkoutsThe Ultimate Piece of Home Fitness EquipmentBody Weight Resistance Exercises For Your Ultimate Body PressMaster The Vertical Knee Raise And Chest Dip With Your Ultimate Body PressChest Exercies To Do With Your Ultimate Body PressStrength Training Routines To Get You In ShapeResistance Bands Reclaiming Past GloryResistance Bands Look Like Children's ToysBreak Through Your Plateau With Resistance Exercise Bands Exercise Bands For College StudentsResistance Bands for Amazing ResultsResistance Bands for A Future Equestrian StarSandbag ArticlesLower Body Sandbag Workout - 300 Rep ChallengeSandbag Workout - Pyramid Burnout Circuit - Sandbag Workout - Pyramid Burnout CircuitDip Bar and Exercise Sandbag 6 Pack Abs WorkoutJoin our Affiliate ProgramDip Bar Sizing Chart