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Home Dip Stand Workout Routines To Use With Your Ultimate Body Press Dip Station

Staying in shape is tough. Making the time to go to the gym can be impossible, and it's not cost-effective to fill your home or apartment with equipment for home workout routines. If you need a home fitness solution that isn't going to take up space and break your bank, try the Ultimate Body Press dip bar.

A home workout on the Ultimate Body Press can take as little as ten minutes, but it will boost your metabolism for much longer than that. Use the dip bar to work core muscles in multiple muscle groups, and even use our push-up rings to perform suspended, gymnast-style push ups. Despite being sturdy, the Ultimate Body Press is easy to collapse and store once your dip stand routines are finished, making it less likely that it will end up just another clothes rack due to lack of space.

Here are some rewarding home dip station workout routines that you can use with your dip bar:

Chest Dip and Knee Raise: From the center of the dip bar, raise yourself from a kneeling position. At the top of the dip, raise your knees, then lower yourself to a kneeling position.

Inverted Rows: Lay back, gripping the Ultimate Body Press from beneath, and use your arms to lift yourself up without bending your waist or knees.

If you're a beginniner, you can use the dip bar as an assist in your home workout routines. Try raising one knee, gripping the machine with both hands, and using your other leg to control your ascent and descent. You can also perform assisted lunges using a similar technique.

For other workout ideas, check out our workout videos page for workouts you can do in your own home. Then check out the Ultimate Body Press to maximize the effectiveness of your exercise regimen.