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The Ultimate Piece of Home Fitness Equipment

When searching for an ideal workout, you'll want something that delivers the best results in the simplest possible way, and no piece of home fitness equipment fulfills this wish better than the Ultimate Body Press.

In addition to their lack portability, most weight machines enable a million different exercises, making it difficult to choose the right ones, but the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand makes things easy by offering just a handful of simple exercises that are designed to strengthen critical muscle groups, and it accomplishes this in as little as ten minutes a day. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Station is also compact, easy to assemble, and collapsible, so you won't be faced with the hassle of setting up a large weight machine and confining it to one room.

We recommend starting with the standard Dip Stand exercises, which are great for building chest and tricep muscles, and add some knee raises later on for a challenging yet effective workout that will have you seeing results soon afterward. No other piece of home fitness equipment allows you to work so many muscles in such a small amount of time. If you'd really like to challenge yourself, purchase our push-up rings accessory, and you'll be able to do mid air push ups by simply attaching them to the dipping bar. While regular push ups restrict hand movement, these exercises allow your hands to move freely, which causes different muscle groups to work together. For detailed explanations on how to perform these exercises, you can always view our video demonstrations.

With just a few simple exercises, the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand can give you exactly what you need. So, don't spend your time and money with some large, hulking weight machine. Instead, check out the Ultimate Body Press and get some home fitness equipment that you can use!