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How to Use Your Portable Dip Machine

With any piece of exercise equipment, it is important to explore every avenue to ensure that you get the workout you deserve. While we know that you'll love your home dip machine from, it might help to familiarize yourself with the various exercises it enables. Some might be obvious, but others are not, and since we want you to get the most out of your dipping experience, we're happy to offer some pearls of wisdom.

If you're looking to work your chest and triceps, just have a go at the basic dipping exercises. This is the workout for which the home dip machine was designed. Essentially, you will place one hand on each of the sides, lift your legs off of the ground, and allow yourself to hang. Next, “dip” yourself into the empty space below by bending at the elbows, and simply push yourself back up when you've gone far enough.

To build bicep strength, you'll want to lean backwards into the empty space and grab the sides from underneath. Now, just keep your feet flat on the floor, pull yourself up, and repeat. Alternatively, you can do this exercise while assuming a plank position.

You can also use the home dip machine to work your shoulders. For this exercise, you'll need push-up rings, which are sold separately. Once you've attached them to the machine, position yourself as if you were going to do a push-up, but put your hands into the rings and push down on them instead of the floor. This way, your hands can move freely, allowing groups of muscles to work together.

Now, you'll have a better idea of the exercises you can do with your home dip machine. With these possibilities, you can keep yourself busy for quite some time!