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Gymnastic Rings - Australia & NZGymnastic Rings - Australia & NZ
Gymnastic Rings - Australia & NZ
Gymnastic Rings - Australia & NZ

Gymnastic Rings

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Purchasing the Gymnastic Rings by Ultimate Body Press gives you immediate access to many of the most effective body weight training exercises. Our Gymnastic Rings include professional quality high density nylons rings with a unique wood grain textured finish for extra comfort and grip.

The quick adjusting cam buckles and 17 ft nylon strap allow you to easily go between high exercises like Pull Ups or Muscle Up and low exercises like Ring Push Ups or Chest Flies. Adjust the Gymnastic Rings to a medium height for Body Weight Rows, Tricep Extensions, Wood Chops or Ring Dips. You can also use the rings for support while performing lower body exercises like One Leg “Pistol” Squats or Reverse Lunges. When your Gymnastic Rings arrive, try ten repetitions of Ring Push Ups and Body Weight Rows and you will be hooked. These exercises feel great and are super effective because the free swinging rings engage core muscles as well as the major muscle groups of the upper body for more exercise intensity.

Few other fitness products can match the versatility or the historical legacy of Gymnastic Rings. The Gymnastic rings first appeared in the Olympic Games in 1924 and the “Iron Cross” performed by gymnasts in that event is easily the most challenging body weight exercise of all. The Gymnastic rings by Ultimate Body Press are fun to use and will yield great results for all experience levels. Add Gymnastic Rings exercises to your training and workout consistently at least twice a week for 20-40 minutes and you are guaranteed to get stronger and improve your body image.
-Includes 2 Gymnastic Rings with 17 foot straps and quick adjusting cam buckles

-Professional quality, high density nylon Gymnastic Rings with a unique wood grain textured finish

-Gymnastic Rings are useful for many exercises targeting the upper body, lower body and core

-Ultimate Body Press Gymnastic Rings are easy to install on any pull up bar or beam

Product Reviews for Gymnastic Rings - Australia & NZ

Question: Hi there, are these made from wood?
Answer: The Gymnastic Rings are made of injection molded plastic. They are basically indestructible.

Question: What's he weight limit
Answer: 300 lbs

Question: Do the rings have number indexed straps?
Answer: No

Question: hi there, could you please tell me the freight cost to tamworth for your gym rings. thanks. jeff
Answer: To find accurate shipping rates please add the items you wish to purchase to the shopping cart then click "Proceed to Checkout". Enter your address, choose your shipping method and click "Apply".

Question: Can you connect these to any bar ? Also Can you use these for the same things you would use the push up rings for like push ups etc ?
Answer: Yes, they can be connected to any push up bar.

Question: When will this product be available for sale in Australia/New Zealand ?
Answer: July 20

Question: When will these be available in Australia?
Answer: Aug. 10

Question: what is the diameter of each ring
Answer: 1.1 inch

Question: can I hang the rings from 75mm square galvanised steel
Answer: No.

Gymnastic Rings - Australia & NZ