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Rise and Shine Morning Workout

Exercises and Stretches to Get Your Day Started Off on the Right Foot

Begin your morning with these exercises and a healthy breakfast to jump start your metabolism for the whole day. You will be sending a signal to your body that it does not need to store fat today. You are well fed and you are going to have an active day so you'll be needing those calories as energy and not as stored fat. If you don't eat or exercise in the morning, you send a different signal. Your body basically thinks you are starving or going into hibernation so it begins to store calories as fat.

The Rise Shine Morning Workout can be done anytime of day. Exercising either right before or soon after you eat is like telling your body, "Hey you! Don't store that food as fat, I need it for energy."

Workout Summary
Exercises: 4
Repetitions: 10-15
Stretches: 2
Sets: 2
Frequency: Anytime