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1. Stationary March

stationary march
The Best Exercise for Speed and Agility

The Stationary March is a great exercise for slimming your waistline and building dynamic strength and flexibility in your lower abdominals, hip flexors and hamstrings.

The first four steps of this exercise are critical because they deal entirely with your posture. Maintaining great posture while you exercise is the secret to getting great abs. To learn more secrets about great posture read Excellent Posture as a Fitness Goal.


1. Suck in your stomach. Keep it held in through out the exercise.
2. Move your center of balance off your heels and towards the middle of your feet.
3. Tuck your hips underneath you by flexing your gluteal muscles.
4. Keep you shoulders back and relaxed.
5. Raise one knee up making sure that your foot moves straight up underneath your body, not out in front.
6. Flex your foot and ankle upward. (Pull up with your toes)
7. At its highest position, your flexed ankle should pass directly by your support knee.
8. Lower your foot and knee to the start position.
9. Arm action is normal.

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