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Free Standing Dip Station

A free standing dip station is really just one half of the very popular power towers that you can find anywhere. A power tower is a combination pull up bar free standing dip station. They usually also include a roman chair that allows you to do knee raises as well. These are some of the very best strength training exercises you could ever do. The problem with a power tower is that they are so big they do not fit in most people’s homes and there is no way you could every travel with a combination pull up dip station.

That is where a free standing dip station comes in. You get some very important exercises and with a compact and portable model like the Ultimate Body Press free standing dip station you can even travel with it. An industrious coach could take it out to soccer practice and get their entire team into extra strong game shape right at the field. And because of the free standing dip station design used by Ultimate Body Press you can also add inverted rows and ring push ups to your dip station routine.